Bling Bling Mixpack

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Bling Bling Mixpack Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

Bling Bling Seeds Mix Pack Review. $169
Bling Bling Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

Product Name: Bling Bling Mix

Product Description: Get up to 20 x Crystal Gold Leaf Super Silver Haze feminized cannabis seeds.

Brand: ILGM Seed Bank

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  • Bling Bling feminized Cannabis seeds

Bling Bling Mix Pack.

Expect a thick, generous coating of resin and sparkling buds with our Bling Bling mixpack. Three superior quality plants with some of the most resin-coated buds available. Heavy crystal formations across much of the lower parts of the plant and trim, makes for great edibles and concentrates.

These high quality seeds are completely feminized, guaranteeing a female plant from each one germinated. Perfect for indoor growers of all levels of experience, the plants are reasonably easy to grow, producing their biggest harvests when super-cropping methods such as topping, bending and SCROG techniques are used.

Crystal – Very potent and powerful with a thick coating of THC filled crystals.

Gold Leaf – Robert Bergam’s Gold Leaf Seeds provide great yields of the highest quality buds.

Super Silver Haze
– Heavy yields of top quality buds, covered in glistening THC crystals.

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Bling Bling Mix Pack For Sale

Bling Bling Mix

From $169.00

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Bling Bling Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

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