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Persian Seeds Mix Pack Review. $159
Persian Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

Product Name: Persian Seeds Mix

Product Description: Buy up to 20 x Afghan, Hindu Kush and Pure Indica feminized cannabis seeds.

Brand: ILGM Seed Bank

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  • Persian Feminized Seeds Mix

Persian Seeds Mix Pack.

The Persian mixpack contains three Indica dominant marijuana strains, all originating from the Hindu Kush mountainous region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Well-known for their thick coating of resin and powerful narcotic effects, they are often prescribed to reduce chronic pain, stress, depression and insomnia.

With an easy-growing nature and natural resistance to molds, root diseases and many common bugs, these hardy plants are perfect for growers of all levels of experience, producing dense, squat female plants from their feminized seeds.

Their short flowering time and ability to cope with colder weather, makes them a popular choice for growing outdoors.

Afghan – Strong ‘body-stone’ and long, relaxing high. A great strain for both medical and recreational use.

Pure Indica – Pure Indica-only genetics, producing a dense, compacted bush with a reduced height and fast flowering times.

Hindu Kush – A pure Indica variety, easy to grow with good yields, and perfect for beginners.

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Persian Seeds Mix

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Persian Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

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