Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana Seeds

Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana Seeds


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Complete Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana Seeds Review.

Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana seeds are comprised of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica genes, generating tall, heavy yielding plants with a distinct fruity flavor and long-lasting, potent Sativa high. A very popular strain that does require a small amount of experience to achieve the heavy yields and high quality these Marijuana seeds are famous for.

Many seed banks and producers sell their seeds as souvenirs, not these seeds! Supplied by I Love Growing Marijuana, each seeds is hand selected and packed to ensure only the highest quality seeds are dispatched. Guaranteed germination and delivery is included with all the seeds supplied, and their first-class customer service will quickly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Each of these Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana seeds are feminized, devoid of all male genes they produce female only plants. As most growers only require female plants, (males do not produce buds, only pollen for fertilization) stable, feminized seeds offer the very best assurance of only growing the correct number of female plants you require.

Pineapple Haze Marijuana seeds can be grown either indoors using height reducing techniques such as; Super-cropping, Screen-of-Green, Topping or Bending, or outdoors, where the longer vegetative period and slow reduction in daylight hours suit their longer flowering period. With its dominant Sativa genes, the plants are capable of growing between 150 – 250 cm tall when completely mature, with long branches and multiple flowering sites.

If you are unsure of the best methods and techniques used to maximize harvests both indoors and outside, download the free I Love Growing Marijuana guide at the top of the page. Written by Robert Bergman, it explains the systems and feeding schedules used by professional Amsterdam ‘cash-crop’ growers to produce the best quality and quantity possible using a variety of techniques. Totally free, and without obligation it may save you hours of conflicting research, and possibly from making some of the basic errors many growers make.

The Sativa influence is characteristics when the plant is flowering, producing large running colas and swollen buds, while the heavy Haze dominance requires a lengthy flowering period of up to 85 days. This may seem too long to some growers, but the vegetative time can be reduced to just two weeks when grown indoors, as the Sativa ‘flowering-stretch’ will still ensure a healthy yield which will average approximately 550 grams of the finest, dried Marijuana buds per square meter, more with enhanced techniques and experience.

Pineapple Haze Strain Flavour

Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana Flavor

Pineapple Haze is well-known for its unique tropical flavor with citrus and pineapple undertones. A rich, smooth smoke with a skunk-pine aroma, the buds are aromatic with great ‘bag-appeal’ offering a mouth-watering smoke to lovers of fruity Marijuana everywhere.

Pineapple Haze Strain Effects

Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana Effects

Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana is enjoyed by both medical and recreational users alike. A strong, powerful strain with traditional Sativa characteristics, Pineapple Haze generates a happy, euphoric feeling that’s long-lasting and very relaxing with a THC content between 17%-19% and a low CBD level. A great daytime smoke and one for socializing with friends, producing a cerebral high, rather than ‘body-stoned’ effect.

Pineapple Haze Strain Medical Uses

Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana Uses

Pineapple Haze has proven medical benefits and can assist in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. A favorite in many medical Marijuana dispensaries and also used for its natural pain relieving and muscle spasm reducing properties. Is also known to stimulate the appetite while reducing PTSD and PMS.

You can buy Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds. World-wide postage and super-stealth packaging are included in the price, and delivery is guaranteed. To find out more about buying Pineapple Haze Medical Marijuana seeds online, click below.

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