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Learn How To Use Super Cropping Growing Cannabis Seeds

There are many ways to cultivate Marijuana Seeds, indoor, outdoors, hydroponics and soil produced, the variety of methods to grow Cannabis Seeds is wide and varied. As you learn more and more methods with all the secrets and suggestions of how to grow better Cannabis Seeds, you will discover many new ideas you may not even know existed. One of these methods to improve the harvest of all Cannabis plants is called super-cropping.

Super cropping is a set of methods carried out on the Cannabis plants during their vegetative cycle to offer an enhanced yield at harvest. Using these confirmed procedures and tips to control the growth and yield are considered price-efficient and simple to employ and perform.

The super cropping procedure is made up of 4 prime super cropping techniques

Bending – This merely involves bending a branch or a number of branches of your growing Cannabis plant and separating the branches out.By pulling and bending the branches you are allowing more light, whether artificial or natural, to penetrate all the way down to the lower branches. Bending should also be carried out at the ends of the branches, merely bend the top shoot so it has to straighten back again to its original place. This will promote the development of the encompassing shoots, assisting the plant to produce a bush structure, instead of a straight single leading bud.

Crimping – This technique is a little more tricky and care needs to be taken. Crimping is carried out by crushing or twisting the inner edge of the main stem by using your thumb and index finger, care needs to be taken so not to damage the exterior layers. The internal levels of the stem contain a soft pulp substance known as the xylem and phloem, a tissue which is responsible for the movement of glucose, sucrose, and other important nutrients to other parts of the plant. Crimping forces the plant to set a more long lasting and dependable cellulose structure. It is recommended that crimping as a super cropping technique, needs to be carried out initial when your Cannabis Seeds are only a few weeks old, and a maximum of only once for each 7 days.

Tie Down – This is a method that entails tying down the branches to permit a greater spread, promoting more lateral development, and achieve better branch development. This technique is widely used by indoor growers to control the height of their plants. If the leading shoot is tied down, it will promote the development of the lateral branches, once more increasing the potential yield available.

Topping – . This is possibly the most drastic super cropping method, as it will delay the growth of the plant for up to to 3 weeks. Topping demands the complete removal of the higher-most growing shoot, leaving the remaining shoots unharmed. Hence, the plant will produce two main stems from that stage, and the branches from the lower sections of the plant will grow and develop stronger, frequently becoming as thick as the main stem itself..

Cannabis Seeds and Super Cropping Conclusion

Super cropping techniques should be performed on your Marijuana seedlings while they are in their vegetative time period, and throughout the start of pre-flowering. The goal of all of these techniques is to promote the development of the lateral branches. Even though numerous novice growers want to grow large, tall plants as rapidly as possible, this will generally result in a reduced general harvest.

When comparing suggested harvested yields from various strains and Cannabis Seeds it is essential to understand that the figures of 400 grams, 500 grams and more, of mature Cannabis buds for each sq. meter, can only be accomplished by utilizing a selection of these super-cropping techniques. The main goal when growing Cannabis seeds is to fill the growing section with as many buds as possible.

Either Sea-Of-Green, and Scrog, Screen-Of-Green growing systems are the very best ways to produce good harvests per sq. metre, using these suggestions with both of these production methods will assist you in reaching a much bigger and much better harvest from your chosen Cannabis Seeds.

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