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Rare Dankness Seeds


Rare Dankness Seeds Moonshine Haze

A perfect strain, Rare Dankness Seeds Moonshine Haze gives the user a crisp, clean high with a good Indica body buzz. Perfect for both night or daytime use.

Moonshine Haze from Rare Dankness Seeds is a great choice for using as Medical Cannabis or Marijuana, containing both Amnesia Haze, an award winning Marijuana strain from Soma Seeds, and Nevil’s Wreck, a complicated hybrid strain combining both Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze.

In 2011 Rare Dankness Seeds Moonshine Haze won 1st place when entered in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 for best Sativa, and retains all of that stable quality still.

As with most Sativa’s, Moonshine Haze requires a moderate flowering time, of approximately 10 weeks, which, with its heavy Haze genetics, is not too long.

Both indoor and outdoor Marijuana growers will be rewarded for their patience, producing good yields of very high quality Cannabis buds emitting an aroma of a fruity pine and the classic Haze flavor.

Rare Dankness Seeds Moonshine Haze

Breeder: Rare Dankness Seeds
Genetics: Amnesia Haze X Nevil’s Wreck
Pack Size: {10 Marijuana Seeds
Variety: Mostly Sativa
Sex: Regular Seeds Only
Yield: Medium – High
Flowering Time 70 days

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As with all Rare Dankness Seeds Moonshine Haze is only sold in Regular Marijuana and Cannabis Seed format, and from authorized stockists. Seedsman, one of the most respected as well as being probably the longest established of the Marijuana and Cannabis Seed Banks is an authorized distributor of Rare Dankness Seeds and also now sends Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds not just to Europe and the UK, but now also will send seeds with stealth shipping to the United States of America.

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