Reserva Privada Kosher Kush

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Reserva Privada Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is the latest Cannabis Cup winning strain from the West Coast American Cannabis team known as Reserva Privada. Once part of DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada are already a world renowned Cannabis Seed Company, long before this years Cannabis Cup. All the breeders involved with Reserva Privada are protected by medical laws within their own States, however, on the whole they prefer to remain nameless.

Reserva Privada Kosher Kush

Reserva Privada Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush Indica Cannabis Cup Winner 2011

The Kosher Kush is an amazing Cannabis strain, and full marks, along with congratulations have to be given to Reserva Privada on their production of this award winning Kush Cannabis Strain. Currently available in packs of 6 Kosher Kush feminized seeds, ensuring that every Kosher Kush seed you purchase will result in a mature and giving female cannabis plant.

Like all of the Reserva Privada Collection, this baby was developed in California and is a fantastic choice for the outdoor grower during the summer months. If left to develop it will stretch and grow quite tall, so the best way to avoid this and to increase the yield, is to use bending, or pinching techniques to enhance the lower side branches, and therefore increase your yield by maximizing the plant as a bush instaed of a ‘tree’

The Reserva Privada Kosher Kush is a classic indica providing an average yield, dependant upon the length of vegative time it is allowed. Easy to grow, this is an ideal cannabis strain for novice and veteran alike, with an ability to intake moderate to heavy nutrient compounds. This ability reduces the rick of over feeding your plants, or nitrogen burn.

Although the final and overall yield obtain from the Kosher Kush was only average, it did have a very good bud to leaf ratio. This makes the tedious task of manicuring your finished Kosher Kush Cannabis plants from Reserva Privada a lot less time consuming when it is time to harvest.

Reserva Privada Kosher Kush Review.

In conclusion it would be very difficult not to recommend Reserva Privada Kosher Kush, after all it would not be the 2011 Indica Cannabis Cup winner if it was not worthy of the title. If OG Kush is your preferance, and given the back catologue of Reserva Privada Cannabis seeds, it would be very difficult not to find something you like, then, we here at Vegpage,  recommend Reserva Privada Kosher Kush as one of our favourite 2011 Cannabis Cup winners and strains of OG Kush.

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