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Skunk Seeds

Skunk Seeds,The start of the Super Skunk Strains.

Skunk Seeds sometimes referred to as “The Pure”,is the Original Skunk Strain,to this day all Skunk Strain’s are bred from the genetics that went into creating the Skunk 1 Strain.

Ever wondered how Skunk came to be?

Do you know who Sam the Skunk man is?

Super Skunk,Skunk No1,Hawaiian Skunk,G13, are they all really so different?

We examine the origins of the Original Skunk Number 1.

Skunk Seeds were originally created and bred by Sam the Skunk Man at Sacred Seeds,the Original Skunk Seeds,or “Skunk 1”,has now diversified, and through cross-breeding,most of the top seeds bank companies have their own catalogue of Skunk Seeds.So how was the Original Skunk Number 1 created?,where did Sam the Skunk Man find the right genetics to cross-bred to make this “Killer Skunk”?It all started with an Afgani Indica,known as “Acapulco Gold” this was cross-bred  with a Mexican Sativa, and a Columbian Gold Sativa.This produced a very strong Cannabis variety that had a avery distictive smell and flavour.Rich in THC Skunk Cannabis Seeds are usually quite early to mature,making the Skunk Flowering cycle relatively quick, compared to some of the other Sativa, or Indica Skunk Strains.

Skunk Seeds

Skunk Seeds are best grown indoors with high pressure sodium lights which emit enough lumens to encourage it’s vigorous growth,but be warned, these are Serious Seeds , and strains like Super Skunk,and Hawaiian Skunk are extremely pungent.Their yield is fairly high,with a high thc output, leaving the smoker with a cerlebral high,making them a must in all Cannabis growers garden’s.Visit UK420 and see how many forum members rate Skunk Seeds.

As all good Cannabis growers know,the more nurtured,cultivated and cared for these Skunk Strains are , the more they will reward you,with enhanced THC levels and subsequently a better, and greater yield.Most Skunk Strains have an average THC content of between 10-14%,however some of the new Skunk Strains, have elevated that quite considerably,such strains as, Cheese Seeds from Big Buddha Seeds, or Super Skunk Seeds,from Sensi Seeds Bank are good examples of this.


Skunk Seeds have influenced the Cannabis community since the late 1970’s,providing a new type of Sinsemelia. (seedless cannabis) As time has moved on the range of Skunk Seeds offered to us by companies such as The Flying Dutchmen Seeds Bank,Chronic Seeds,Sensi Seed Bank and Planet Skunk, to name but e few have adopted and developed their own Skunk Seeds range.However, they all owe their heritage to Sam the Skunk Man, with his Original Skunk No1.

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Skunk Seeds