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Bud rot is probably one of the worse problems encountered by Cannabis and Marijuana growers. Striking half-way through flowering, botrytis cinerea, grey mould or bud rot as it is commonly called can devastate an entire crop in a matter of nights.

Germinating the seeds, growing the plant to a suitable size, and then flowering, all wasted if your plants develop bud rot. There is no cure, no easy solution. The only option left at this stage, is to cut away all the infected buds and harvest the remainder as soon as possible.

What Is Bud Rot -Bud Rot Is Soul Destroying

Affecting the biggest top buds first, bud rot thrives in humid, low temperatures, attacking the middle of the buds and those parts close to the stem. Humidity around the buds cools as the lights are turned off, if you are pumping fresh air into your growing area during the night, this is often cold and damp, increasing the amount of water vapour in the room.

As the air cools the humidity will  turn back to water and collect in the buds and stems. The water alone will not cause a problem. However the air may also contain microscopic mould spores, and when given water and low temperatures, can develop into bud rot.

The easiest way to prevent bud rot is decrease the humidity, increase the night-time temperature, or better still, both. Increasing the night temperature is not difficult, running the lights at night, rather than in the day will reduce most temperature problems, however, up until now, reducing the humidity has been a lot more difficult.

Many Cannabis growers around the world suffer from bud rot in the later stages of flowering, especially if they are using a hydroponic system such as NFT, Flood and Drain or a Wilma system. These hydroponic systems are great for growing Cannabis, but they release a large quantity of water vapour into the grow room from the exposed water and reservoir.

Large scale and commercial operations often use a de-humidifying unit to reduce the humidity and control the growing environment. That isn’t really an option for the smaller or hobby grower, and so reducing the humidity is a constant battle, until now.

Stop Bud Rot – Fit Stop The Rot Bags

Stop The Rot Bags Prevent Bud Rot

Stop The Rot Bags, specifically designed to reduce the humidity in any Cannabis growing area. Fit one or two of these tried and tested bags and feel the reduction in humidity, increase the growth of your plants. Cannabis flowers best when the humidity levels are between 30% – 40%, not only will your reduce the chances of your plants contracting bud rot, you will also provide a more suitable environment in which to gain maximum growth and flowering.

Stop The Rot Bags have been tried and tested by many Cannabis growers, large and small, hobby and commercial. On each occasion they have reduced the humidity and collected the water vapour in the secure lower chamber. With commercial orders growing, these specially designed bags are now available to the public.

Stop the causes of bud rot and how fitting Stop The Rot Bags will help.

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