Super Skunk Medical Marijuana Seeds

Super Skunk Medical Marijuana Seeds


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Complete Super Skunk Medical Marijuana Seeds Review.

Super Skunk Medical Marijuana seeds are an ‘old-school’ classic that’s stood the test of time. Highly popular with growers and smokers alike, Super Skunk can be found from the Amsterdam Coffee-shops to the American Medical Marijuana dispensaries and is firm favorite with many new and inexperienced growers.

A versatile and highly adaptive strain, Super Skunk Marijuana seeds can be grown both indoors or outside during the Spring and Summer months. Easy to grow and very forgiving of many mistakes, they are a perfect choice for new growers about to start growing Marijuana for the first time, with the changes in the US laws on the use and growing of Medical and recreational Marijuana from 1st January 2017.

Produced exclusively for I Love Growing Marijuana, each of these feminized Super Skunk seeds is of the highest quality. Individually selected and packed, these seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest Super Skunk plant possible. Many new growers may not realize that Marijuana plants are deciduous, that means the seeds produce either a female, or male plant. The female plant generates flowers and buds, while the males produce the pollen necessary for fertilization. Buying these feminized seeds assures you of the highest quality, pure female plants, devoid of any male chromosomes, they eliminate the need to sex your plants, and the worry of a rogue male fertilizing your crop, sending your females from bud, to seed production.

A perfect choice for the indoor grower, Super Skunk Medical Marijuana seeds can be grown both in soil and hydroponic set-up’s reaching an average height of between 100 cm-150 cm tall when fully mature. Comprising of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa genetics, the plants display classic hybrid traits and characteristics, with strong stems, close lateral branches and a small amount of ‘flowering stretch’. Super Skunk Marijuana smells, it really smells, so grown indoors, carbon filters and good air extraction are vital.

Flowering times are very short, with the plants requiring an average of just 52 days to fully flower, bud and mature, but this doesn’t mean yields are low. On the contrary in fact, Super Skunk is known as a ‘cash-crop’ strain and a real money-maker. The dense buds, swollen buds are extremely large and heavy, resulting in yields between 500-700 grams of the finest, dried, aromatic buds per square meter easily achievable, given good growing conditions and techniques.

If you are new to growing Marijuana and would like to learn more, or if you are an experienced, seasoned grower, looking for those extra tips to enhance your yields and quality, download the free E-book at the top of the page. Packed full of the methods, systems and feeding schedules used by real Amsterdam professionals, you could save yourself hours of searching, and money, with this informative, no obligation Growing Marijuana guide.

Super Skunk Strain Flavour

Super Skunk Medical Marijuana Flavor

Super Skunk Marijuana is notorious for its highly pungent aroma, whether it’s in flower, drying, bagged or being smoked, there is no denying the unmistakable strong skunk aroma that quickly fills the room. The rich, thick smoke is smooth and satisfying with a sweet-earthy flavor and citrus after-taste. Large, resin covered buds offer excellent bag-appeal, while the smell alone let’s buyers know ‘this weed is the real deal.’

Super Skunk Strain Effects

Super Skunk Medical Marijuana Effects

Super Skunk Medical Marijuana has a typically relaxing, euphoric effect, often associated with high quality Indica Marijuana strains. Low CBD levels and a THC content of approximately 16% provide a strong ‘body-stone’ but with an uplifting, happy sensation, rather than the heavy ‘couch-lock’ that some Indica dominant strains can produce.

Super Skunk Strain Medical Uses

Super Skunk Medical Marijuana Uses

Super Skunk Marijuana provides relief from stress, pain and depression. Enjoyed by both recreational users for its strong euphoric effects, as by medicinal uses for a wide number of ailments and conditions including chronic pain, insomnia and nausea. A very powerful form of natural medicine, users have reported it can also help with anxiety, migraines, hypertension, PTSD and ADD/ADHD.

You can buy Super Skunk Medical Marijuana seeds in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminized seeds. World-wide postage and super-stealth packaging are included in the price, and delivery is guaranteed. To find out more about buying Super Skunk Medical Marijuana seeds online, click below.

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