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Super Skunk Seeds

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Super Skunk Seeds


Feminized Marijuana Seeds

10% Sativa – 90% Indica

THC Level – 16%

Medical CBD – Low

Height – 100-150 cm

Yield – 500-700 Grams per square meter

52 Days Flowering Cycle

Best For: Indoor, Outdoor, Beginner, Medical

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Super Skunk Seeds

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These high quality Super Skunk seeds were produced to satisfy lovers of Skunk marijuana, with its sweet citrus taste, pungent aroma and powerful high. If you are looking for marijuana that’s full of flavor and very stinky, these highly popular marijuana seeds are for you, but indoor growers beware, you will need adequate air filter controls, these babies really do smell in the final weeks of flowering.

From beginner to the more seasoned veteran, these Super Skunk seeds will produce great harvest grown either outdoors during the Summer months or indoor in a controlled environment. With 90% of it’s genetics Indica marijuana, these Super Skunk seeds produce plants that are easy to manage, growing to between 100-150 cm tall.

Lateral branching is close, producing a thick stem and sturdy branches capable of holding the heavy-weight, light-green buds. As maturity approaches the buds glisten with a generous coating of resin. Super Skunk seeds are renown for producing plants with a strong pungent aroma, however, the taste is sweet and citrus-like, producing a powerful and lasting buzz.

Looking for a fast harvest? Not a problem, these Super Skunk seeds require an average of only 52 days to fully flower and mature, but without affecting yields. Expect between 500-700 grams the finest, aromatic marijuana buds per square meter, and THC levels of approximately 16%.

The strong Indica heritage plays a dominant part in the high, producing an all-round body stone which is strong and powerful enough to leave many users couch-locked. Marijuana plants grown from Super Skunk seeds have been proven to assist in reducing cramps, headaches and anxiety, as well increasing appetite and treating insomnia.

Male Super Skunk seeds produce pollen to fertilize the female buds. Ensure that you grow female only plants by buying feminized Super Skunk seeds.

All seeds are sold in complete packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminized marijuana seed packs and with guaranteed delivery and germination, where go anywhere else?

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