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Find cheap Marijuana seeds for sale with our regular free Marijuana seed offers and giveaways. Choose from a selection of different free Marijuana seeds with all qualifying purchases. Find cheap Marijuana seeds for sale online.

Buy 10 Free Gelato Marijuana Seeds

Free Marijuana Seeds

Gelato Strain - Spotlight Sale

Strain Spotlight – Gelato Feminized and Autoflowering.

The Gelato Marijuana strain has become a very popular strain since its creation, famed for its sweet, creamy flavor and powerful, potent effects. From 24th – 28th February, I Love Growing Marijuana are giving away 10 free Gelato Marijuana seeds with every 10-seed packet purchased. If you like smooth, creamy buds, this is a perfect strain to grow.

Available in both Feminized and Autoflowering form, choose the variety that suits your needs and growing style best. Both can be successfully cultivated indoors and outside, given good growing conditions.

While Feminized Gelato Marijuana seeds have separate vegetative and flowering cycles, the Autoflowering versions combine both cycles. This speeds up the growing and flowering to achieve complete maturity after just 8 – 10 weeks from sprouting. Once Feminized seeds have grown to a suitable size, they can begin their flowering cycle. On average requiring a further 10 weeks to achieve complete maturity.

Both forms of Gelato Marijuana seeds produce plants with similar buds. The sweet pine aroma and creamy flavor is evident in both varieties, with similar THC levels of approximately 20%. Yields vary, with traditional Feminized plants producing approximately 16 oz of high-quality buds per square meter. While Autoflowering plants generally produce between 4 – 6 oz each.

The effects are fast and powerful, generating an energizing body-buzz and euphoric high. A great strain for day-time use, it can be both uplifting and relaxing, depending upon the mood. Great for socializing with friends on a lazy afternoon.

Choose between a 10-seed packet of either Feminized or Autoflowering Gelato seeds to receive your extra, free Marijuana seeds. Complete your purchase in the usual way, choosing between Cash, Credit/Debit card, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin.

Your free Gelato Marijuana seeds will be added to your purchase prior to dispatch, with all orders sent directly from I Love Growing Marijuana.

Enjoy free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, using the very best stealth packaging and postal methods.

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Gelato Marijuana Seeds Offer

How To Grow The Best Marijuana Plants

Have you ever wondered how to grow the best Marijuana plants from your seeds? Are you getting the most from your plants, generating the biggest possible buds and most potent THC levels?

Be confident that your growing the very best quality plants and buds by downloading the FREE, Marijuana Grow Guide today.

Available without obligation or purchase, this free guide covers all aspects of how to grow the best Marijuana plants from seeds.

It Quickly and easily explains correct germination methods, super-cropping techniques to help enhance your yields, and tips on when to harvest for the best taste, aroma, yield and potency.

With no purchase necessary, download this completely free Marijuana Grow Guide and learn how to achieve the best harvests from your seeds.

The Ultimate Grow Guide

Free Marijuana Seeds For President’s Day

Free Marijuana Seeds

President’s Day Sale - Cannabis Seed Deals

President’s Day Seed Sale.

It’s a national holiday and a Monday off! Happy President’s Day, let’s celebrate George Washington’s birthday in style with a fantastic special offer from I Love Growing Marijuana. For the next few days you can buy a 10-seed packet from any of the selected strains on offer and receive a second 10-seed packet totally free.

It’s a double your seeds for nothing offer, buy 10 get 10 free, on all qualifying strains. Receiving your free Marijuana seeds couldn’t be easier. Purchase your seeds in the usual way, selecting any of the secure, encrypted payment options and a second, completely free packet of the same seeds will be added to your purchase before being dispatched.

With all seeds shipped directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, you’re assured of the highest quality, feminized Marijuana seeds for sale, all guaranteed to germinate and produce a perfect female plant. With a selection of both feminized and Autoflowering strains available in this special, free Marijuana seeds offer, select the one’s best suited to your level of experience and growing style.

Granddaddy Purple Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds.

Granddaddy Purple is a well-known and very popular Marijuana strain, famed for its therapeutic qualities and deep purple colored buds. A pure Indica strain, it’s a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor growers, regardless of their level of experience.

Both Feminized and Autoflowering versions of the Granddaddy Purple strain are included within this President’s Day Seed Sale, and are highly recommended for growers looking for a top-quality recreational strain with pain-relieving qualities.

An easy strain to grow it requires little care or attention. The feminized seeds will require a few weeks to grow and develop before flowering, while the Autoflowering variety combines both phases together, maturing quicker and regardless of the time of year.

Both Feminized and Autoflowering Granddaddy Purple plants produce buds with a similar purple appearance and heavy resin production. THC levels are high, around 23%, inducing a relaxing, euphoric sensation. Great for evening use, it can ease chronic pain and muscular aches as well as increasing the appetite.

A smooth, sweet smoke with a grape and berry flavor, it has become a highly popular strain with recreational and medicinal users alike.

You can grab yourself 10 free Granddaddy Purple seeds with every 10-seed packet purchased during this President’s Day Seed sale. Put a packet in your shopping basket, we will double your seed stack for free.

Presidents Day Sale - Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Seeds

Learn How To Grow The Best Marijuana Buds.

Growing Marijuana can be fun and easy if you follow a few basic rules. Plants can be trained and developed, producing better quality buds and increased harvests.

It doesn’t matter whether your growing indoors or outside, achieving the very best harvests from your seeds should always be your top priority.

To help you achieve this, I Love Growing Marijuana have produced one of the very best guides, so popular, it’s become the most downloaded manual in the sector. Teach yourself how to grow the very best plants and best quality buds with the Marijuana Grow Guide.

Completely free and without any obligation, this complete E-Book covers all aspects of growing Marijuana and Cannabis plants, from correct germination methods through to super-cropping techniques designed to maximize your yields.

There’s always something to learn or brush up on and with chapters covering how to enhance the yield, potency, flavor and aroma it’s an invaluable source of correct information that can always be referred to.

Written by Robert Bergman, founder and owner of I Love Growing Marijuana, download your free copy today.

How To Grow Free Marijuana Seeds