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Emerald Triangle Seeds Royal Purple Kush is a very versatile strain of Marijuana, capable of performing well for both indoor and outdoor Marijuana growers.

An ideal Marijuana strain to grow in a screen of green (SCROG), or sea of green (SOG) setup. Purple Kush plants form tight, dense buds with hints of purple in the tips of the calyxes.

Emitting a soft pine bouquet, with a sweet, grape-like taste , Royal Purple Kush produces a frosty coating of resin glands that will please both connoisseurs of Indica potency and hash lovers.

When inhaled, Royal Purple Kush produces a strong high, deep stoned effect, a perfect strain of Marijuana for treating chronic pain, inflammation and insomnia, among other conditions.
Emerald Triangle Royal Purple Kush grows vigorously while in vegetative growth, a classic Indica Marijuana strain, resulting in large, fragrant, THC-encrusted colas and buds. Royal Purple Kush can be left in its vegative cycle a little longer than many other Marijuana strains, as it only stretches about 15-25% once entering it’s flowering cycle.

The purple coloring displayed by Purple Kush can be enhanced by reducing the temperature in the grow room, or by feeding  the maturing plants with very cold water in the last weeks of flowering, this enhances the purple color for both indoor and outdoor Purple Kush plants.

Royal Purple Kush Review.

Royal Purple Kush retains the distinctive sweet taste from its Black Afghani mother, although it is enhanced with the slightly peppery and fruit flavors from its Bubba Kush father, providing Royal Purple Kush a complex,  flavor that has to be experienced to be understood producing a high that is well-balanced, being both energetic and serene.

Royal Purple Kush is not only a beautiful Marijuana plant, its high THC,CBD and CBN levels provide a more powerful punch than your average Purple Kush strains.

Purple Kush is one of the most highly sort after forms of Medical Marijuana in the USA. If you would like to see more varieties of Purple Kush, simply click below.

Purple Kush