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Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds To The USA.

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High Quality Purple Kush

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Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds.

Purple Kush grows as a short, squat Marijuana Plant covered with very dense, close internodes or branches, as well as large Indica fan leaves. Indoors Purple Kush can grow to 2-3 foot in height, often more given the right conditions. By using super-cropping techniques, Purple Kush will grow to become at least as wide as she is tall.

The Purple Kush exhibits the classic indica growth pattern, becoming a sturdy bush with large, dark green leaves. As maturity approaches, the overall color will display hints of purple.

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Purple Kush From DNA Genetics


As an all round Medical Marijuana Plant, Purple Kush is one of the most versatile, producing a high quality crop with relatively high yields, proving that the Purple Kush is a well known favorite for both indoor and outdoor Marijuana growers. With it’s short, squat shape, Purple Kush is an ideal candidate for a screen of green (SCROG) setup.

As this particular Marijuana plant reaches maturity, Purple Kush buds form tight, chunky nugget-like Buds containing hints of purple in the tips of the calyxes. Once dried and correctly cured, Purple Kush emits a soft pine bouquet, combined with a sweet, grape-like taste forming a solid foundation.

Purple Kush – A Firm Favorite.

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Purple Wreck, DNA Genetics Unique Strain of Purple Kush.

Upon maturity, Purple Kush produces an almosty frosty veneer, coating the enire plant in high quality resin, pleasing both the connoisseur and beginner alike. The Purple Kush produces a strong and powerful high, together with a deep stone body effect, the perfect Medical Marijuana for treating chronic pains and inflamations, as well as numerous other conditions.

Purple Kush is considered a very psychoactive drug, producing a long-lasting high. Primarily created as an indica, it does contain hints of it’s deep sativa parentage, and is most commonly known for producing its distinctive purple colored buds. Growing between two – three feet in height and two feet around, this Marijuana plant is perfect outdoor where it can be discreetly placed and grown.

Grown outdoor, a single Purple Kush Marijuana Seed is capable of yields between 10 and 18 ounces, if grown properly and allowed to fully mature. Once harvested, it produces a smoke that is strong, with an unmistakably flowery taste and exceptionaly high THC levels. Grown outdoors, Purple Kush Marijuana plants must be started after the last frost, this is usually towards the end of May, or beginning of June.

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One Of The Best Strains Of Purple Kush Marijuana Seeds.

Harvest is expected to commence by mid to late September. Once smoked, the high, or stone, usually lasts about an hour, sometimes a little longer depending on the drying and curing process. There are many types of Kush. Purple Kush is one of the most potent strains of Marijuana, however, you may like to try some of our recommended OG Kush Seeds.

Purple Kush Seeds has become a firm favorite around the world, especially in British Colombia, where it is renonwed for producing stable Marijuana plants, heavy with resin and an acrid hash-like taste. The Reeferman team found the Purple Kush to be somewhat lacking in vigour, producing smaller yields than expected. They have created what they believe to be the ultimate Purple Kush, combining their Early Island Indica male to pollinate the well known Purple Kush.

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OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush Seeds For Sale

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OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular forms of Medical Marijuana currently prescribed within America. With such a wide number of users and growers, you would assume that finding reputable, high quality OG Kush Seeds for sale would be a relatively easy procedure, however, with a large number of Marijuana Seed suppliers refusing to ship to America, is it still possible to find and get delivered to your door high quality OG Kush Seeds for sale? We here at VegPage have discovered the perfect seed distributors that offer OG Kush Seeds for sale for both European and American purchase and delivery. Discover more about how you can get pure, genuine seeds from the respected breeders sent to you discreetly today, and the many free Marijuana Seeds offers we regularly promote here at VegPage, your No#1 supplier of OG Kush Seeds for sale.

Widest Choice Of OG Kush Seeds For Sale.

With such a wide and varied choice of Kush Seeds, many claiming to originate from the Original OG  Kush genetics, it can be difficult at times to define true OG Kush Seeds for sale. Almost every year new hybrid strains are created, many containing either the OG or Kush name or genetics. Our opinion is that for the closest to true OG Kush Seeds for sale comes from Reserva Privada, a West Coast California Medical Marijuana Seed breeder who are the combination of several high quality, licenced breeders who together form an elite company known as Reserva Privada.

The OG Kush seeds for sale offered by Reserva Privada are often sold out very quickly as each new batch is released to the public. In fact the Reserva Privada OG Kush is so popular that it is often sold out as soon as it reaches the suppliers, as they struggle to fulfill back-orders of the one the most popular forms of Medical Marijuana currently available. Often the OG Kush Seeds for sale are all ordered well in advance, and waiting for them to come back into stock can often take weeks.

With our links to the Original Seed Company, one of the oldest and most respected Medical Marijuana Seed distributors, we are often able to offer our followers OG Kush seeds for sale as soon as them become available, and often, through their bulk buying power, their stocks remain, while many other distributors quickly display “out of stock” on their OG Kush Seeds for sale. Check today through our direct link below and discover if there are any OG Kush seeds for sale available today.

Find OG Kush Seeds For Sale.

Of course the OG Kush is not the only form that Kush takes, as we have mentioned there is a vast array of tastes, highs and smells associated with the Kush Marijuana strains, and if the OG in OG Kush stands for Ocean grown, then much of the Kush grown both indoor and outside naturally, must also be Ocean grown. However, that’s getting a little complex now right, so lets just agree that with so much variety on offer it’s no surprise that all forms of OG Kush seeds for sale sell out fast.

Through our links with the Original Seed Company, we are able to offer you direct shipping to anywhere in the world, including America, locating real, genuine Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds for sale is one thing, getting that company to ship them to America is often even more difficult, and many Medical Marijuana seed distributors refuse to deliver to the United States of America for one reason or another. You can solve both of these problems simultaneously by purchasing your OG Kush seeds for sale direct via our links with the Original Seed Company, the oldest seed distributors available online.

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