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Marijuana Hash Brownies.

We’ve all heard of the infamous hash brownie, space cake, or pot cookies. These all can be easily purchased at coffee shops in Amsterdam. However, the majority of us do not have the luxury of living in the Netherlands. Curious how to make hash brownies? We’ll show you how. But first, what exactly is a hash brownie?

The term “Hash brownie” is a play on the word “hash browns.” These two words may sound alike, but they are nowhere near similar. Hash browns are a lightly toasted and grilled potato snack. Hash brownies, on the other hand, are actual brownies that have been cooked with delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol (THC) infused in the oils. THC is the primary active ingredient of marijuana or hashish. The term “hash” is actually a abbreviated form of the word hashish, which is a block of pressed marijuana flower trichomes. Hashish is commonly found in Northern Africa, Europe, and various parts of Asia. It is not avaliable in the United States, as opposed to marijuana, which is easily obtained.


First, we must gather the following ingredients:

Butter (buy four sticks to start out with, actual amount depends on how many brownies you are making, check brownie mix box for ratio, preferably organic)

Brownie Mix (depends on amount of hash brownies needed)

Eggs (depends on amount of brownies needed, check brownie mix box instructions)

Large Bowl to mix ingredients

-Big Mixing Spoon

Water (very little, check instructions)

Herb grinder (Is a Must! You will thank me later in the long run, especially with rolling)

Marijuana or Hashish (.5-1g per person mj, depends on potency of cannabis, do not exceed 1g on first time, .5g of hashish MAX per person if first time. If you have tolerance/experience eating cannabis products (doesnt include smoking), add more. YMMV.)

-A cooking pot, or 2 (one big, one small) if you are very scared of wasting the herb

*If you are not using kief or hashish, you do not have actual “hash brownies”, but pot brownies. They still do the trick, but are not as strong as hash brownies on a gram-to-gram ratio.

Okay, Now that you’ve gathered all your ingredients…

We can finally start.

1. Determine how many people want to ingest the brownies. Get 0.5-1g ofcannabis flowers per person, or.5-.75g of hashish (depends on potency) per person.

2. Finely grind the cannabis buds in a coffee grinder, herb grinder, scissors,mortar & pestle, or, if you must, hands, until a flour-like consistency. If you have hashish, powder it.

3. Determine amount of butter needed on Brownie Mix box instructions. Meltspecified amount of butter in a pot, or double bubbler (large pot on bottom, filled with water, heat on high, wait for water to boil, place smaller pot on top, do not put too much water.)

4. Place ground cannabis or hashish in the butter and put on lid. Simmer (do not boil butter) for 20 minutes.

5. Caution! Butter will be HOT! Pour melted butter through a strainer or cheesecloth into another pot or glass mixing bowl.

6. Let butter cool down.

7. Add brownie mix, eggs, and water according to brownie mix instructions. Take large spoon and mix until there are few or no chunks/lumps/bumps.

8. Place in baking pan, cupcake tray, or assorted baking shapes (my favorite)

9. Put in Conventional Oven for specified time on brownie mix instructions (20-30 minutes) @ 330 degrees Farenheit

10. Take out of oven, let cool, and Enjoy!

Remember! Eat brownies over a period of time. Wait 30 minutes after 1st brownie for a second one and same for a third. Brownies take time to be disgested. THC has no LD-50. It is impossible to actually die from THC intoxication. The worst allergic reactions will be nausea.

The same exact principle applies with cannabutter to any kind of food that contains butter. Simply substitute cannabutter for normal butter and you will fly into space (hence the name space cakes =)

Smell and Taste* The strongest smell will be when you cook the butter infused with cannabis. The smell is still present when baking the brownies. May be cooked outside with toaster oven if smell is a problem. When the brownies are baked, they will have no smell if all instructions are followed. There is a slight minty taste to the brownies that is barely noticeable. You will only notice the taste if you are informed that they are “special brownies”.

Have fun! and Be safe!

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