The End of Prohibition On Medical Marijuana.

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Medical Marijuana on the East Shore of America.

The West Coast of America has a reputation for being a somewhat more laid back and relaxed part of the United States and so therefore, as a result of this, Sample Link is legalized in many of the West Coast States. By comparison, the considered conservative East Coast regions have a comparitively smaller area where Medical Marijuana has become legal. With just 3 States in total where Medical Marijuana has become legally, we shall concentrate on the East Coast States, where Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Seeds is actually legal and allowed under law.


Medical Marijuana was legalized in Maine back in 1999, and so therefore has been legal within the Pine Tree State for more than ten years. When the vote went to a ballot, 61% voted to begin making Marijuana legal for healthcare and medical use. There are certain conditions when Medical Marijuana might be available on perscription and these are epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, cancer, Hepatitiis, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Crohnï’s and nail patella syndrome. Patients on Medical Marijuana still have to pay for a $100 application fee for a warrant, which allows the caed holder to legally have in their possesion around two and half ounces of high quality professional, Medical Marijuana. They may also produce as many as 6 Marijuana plants, from which only around 3 can be almost ready at any one single time.


The Green Mountain State of Vermont first legalized Medical Marijuana in 2004 contained in the senate bill with regards to Medical Marijuana usage for those people suffering from chronic or severe conditions and illnesses. Sufferers associated with MS, AIDS, Cancer or those confirmed HIV positive can enjoy Medical Marijuana, even though registration is still mandatory. Registered users must not store any more than 2 mature plants, seven vegative Marijuana plants and two ounces of Sample Link at any one single time.

Rhode Island

A 2006 American senate bill made having and growing Medical Marijuana legal in Rhode Island for sufferers with the same ailments covered in the Maine section. Rhode Island accepts Medical Marijuana permits from all other US states or territories, and registered users can if they wish produce up to 12 Marijuana plants and have as many as 2. 5 oz of Medical Marijuana. Meanwhile primary caregivers may not have in their posession a totla of twenty-four growing Marijuana plants and five oz of Medical Marijuana at any one time.


Medical Marijuana is not legal in Maryland. However, back in 2003 the state passed a bill that granted defendants getting prosecuted for Marijuana usage to enter a medical defence. This defence must be approved by a physician so as to take the stand in a court of law. If the court uphold medical necessity to become a mitigating factor, then the available penalty that they are permitted to impose is a fine, which may not exceed $100.

Washington DC

Medical Marijuana only become legal within Washington DC with late July 2010. As a direct result, the state has not yet decided how the Medical Marijuana program will run, which means this program is not be available prior to the end of 2010. See latest news for details. Presently sufferers of debilitating and chronic conditions can have in their possession close to two ounces of Marijuana, however Medical Marijuana Cards as well as cultivation rules still have to be decided.

New Jersey

The Garden State of New Jersey is another state that didn’t see Medical Marijuana to become legal until the beginning of 2010. The program was meant to be ready six months after being voted to be accepted, but at the end of July Governor Christie sought more time, and so,as a consequence the bill is due to come into effect towards the end of January 2011.

The bill won’t just protect patients using Medical Marijuana from prosecution, it may also provide for the construction of alternative treatment centers for patients prescribed the Medical Marijuana. Here at VegPage we believe that Marijuana can play a vital role in the discovery of many cures, for many ailments and conditions. With the slow acceptence of the use of Medical Marijuana, we are finally beginning to understand some of the many uses for this wonderfully versitile plant. If you require fresh, high quality Medical Marijuana seeds shipped directly to you in the United States of America, buy from us today.

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