Treating Cancer With CBD Oil

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CBD Oil For Cancer

Treating Cancer With CBD Oil

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst things you are likely to have happen to you, with many different forms of the disease and few conclusive treatments. Cancer attacks various healthy cells within the body, eventually spreading to major vital organs, causing them to cease working correctly and finally shut down.

Studies over recent years have explored the possible connection between certain cannabinoids and their effective use in fighting cancer. Marijuana or cannabis, both the same plant under different names, contains many cannabinoids, the primary being THC, this is the chemical that makes users feel ‘high’ and euphoric and usually the first element people associate with marijuana. However, there are many other elements contained within the plant, the second largest being CBD, which, studies have shown, may have a wide number of medical applications.

CBD does not induce euphoria, nor alter the conscious state of the user, allowing them to function normally and without any form of intoxication. Found in much smaller quantities that THC in marijuana, it has a calming influence, with strains high in CBD offering a more balanced effect and often being referred to as medical marijuana strains. Although small amounts of CBD can be obtained by smoking pure marijuana, it isn’t recommended as a means of ingestion due to the ill effects of smoking and the altered conscious state marijuana provides, which may not be welcome or required.

How Does CBD Oil Treat Cancer?

Much of the research into how CBD oil fights cancer cells is still in its infancy. With the United States reluctance to carry out full, wide-scale trials and studies on the effects both long and short-term, much of the research has been performed overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

However, CBD oil has been available in a number of American states for years now, with a wide number of them having an active medical marijuana program, often including the use of CBD oil, and although further studies are needed, there are many reports of patients reducing the aggressive nature of some forms of cancer, and in some cases, even halting and reducing its’ spread.

Preliminary studies show that the cannabinoids found in CBD oil actively fight the cancer cells, causing them to break-down and die, preventing them from spreading and attacking healthy cells. More research and long-term studies are required to fully determine its effectiveness, but the early results certainly look promising, and for many cancer sufferers it may provide some hope.

Medical studies have proven that CBD oil;

  • Increase’s ceramide synthesis which drives cell death.
  • Pushes cytochrome C out of the cell mitochondria, killing the energy source for the cancer cell.
  • Causes genotoxic stress in the cancer cell nucleus generating protein P53.

Reduce The Side-Effects Of Cancer With CBD Oil

Although modern medicine has yet to formally announce CBD oil as a means of treating both cancer and its subsequent side-effects, people have used both natural marijuana and extracted CBD oil for hundreds of years, with Chinese medicine recording its use thousands of years ago. Until banned during the mid 1930’s CBD oil, under a variety of names, had a place in most American homes within the medicine cabinet, and was a commonly used ointment and tonic.

For many sufferers, dealing with the fact they have cancer is only half the battle, once the chemotherapy and radiation treatments begin, so do many of the side-effects. These can range from mild to extremely severe, and can include; nausea, insomnia, depression and fatigue as well as loss of hair, appetite and energy.

Many sufferers have reported that CBD oil can actively suppress many of these feelings and side-effects, making them more manageable and improving their quality of life while undergoing treatment.

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There are many ways of using CBD oil, the three most commonly employed are;

Orally – A few drops of CBD oil can be added to a small drink and consumed, quickly absorbed into the body, or for faster relief, a few drops placed under the tongue.

Topically – As an oil, CBD can be absorbed directly through the skin. Rubbing a few drops into the affected area will provide relief from pain and discomfort.

Vaporized –  Good quality CBD oil can be vaporized using high quality equipment. This often provides the fastest relief as is the quickest way for the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream.

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