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So your surfing the web and thinking “hey i want to see some nice juicy Marijuana Buds right?”

No Worries Dude !! We All Done That!!

So, you typed in “Pictures of Marijuana” and for a reason known only to Google as your typing in the last few letters, they suggested Pictures of …….right?
Yer, me too, freaking strange i thought, that’s just what i wanted. Problem is i can’t find it  LOL.
So i figured i best make something to satisfy my urges to see all the beauty that this plant displays in such a wide array of color, structure and size, and that’s before we look at the buds and flowers, or even closer at the glistening trichomes.
Sit Back, Chill to a relaxed tune while we present some of the finest OG Kush Seeds and a small Big Buddha Seeds sample combined.
Ok, not a bad start with some great pictures of Marijuana close-up from a variety of Kush breeders, and The Big Buddha collection.
So, what now in our Pictures of Marijuana Collection? The Big Buddha Collection sort of follows i think. He is an English Marijuana Seed breeder famous for his Cheese Seeds, which won 1st place in the Cannabis Cup when it was first introduced.
This was followed by several Cheese hybrids, the most well known being the Big Buddha Blue Cheese. Check out the complete collection and sit back while we show you pictures of Marijuana from Big Buddha Seeds.
Dutch Marijuana Seeds are an obvious firm favorite of many growers, and we believe one of the most explosive grow teams and Dutch Marijuana Seed breeders are Bomb Seeds.
Developed to fulfill the demand for extremely fast and heavy yielding Marijuana Strains, The Bomb Seeds collection aims to include something for all growers and smokers.
Chose from a selection of Indicas to Sativas, Autoflowering & Medical Marijuana Seed varieties. Sit back and enjoy the Bomb Seeds Pictures of Marijuana Video.

This offer just had to have a video to show it’s full potential. If you’re looking to buy Marijuana Seeds online, this is one of the very best offers currently available. Through our links we can offer you free Marijuana Seedswith every order, and not just our usual added bonuses, we will double your order of Dinafem Seeds with the equivalent number of Dinafem Blue Widow Seeds. Check out these beauties, not bad for FREE MARIJUANA SEEDS..

Skunk Seeds have almost become a brand name on their own, however, Skunk Seeds is merely a term often used as slang for Marijuana Seeds, especially in England. Skunk Seeds are available in a wide assortment of Indica, Sativa and hybrid Marijuana Seed Varieties and include include many different strains and tastes. One of the common points that binds all Skunk Seeds together is the pungent smell emitted during the later parts of flowering, as the onset of maturity approaches. Indoor growers should ensure that carbon filters or a form of odor filtration system is fitted towards the later stages of flowering.

Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds Criminal+ is a hybrid Marijuana monster offering substantial yields os high quality Marijuana. Formed from two specially selected strains, Critical and Ripper Seedsown Double Glock, Criminal+ equals large yields in the fastest times.

The flowering period for Ripper Seeds Critical+ is between 50-55 days due to its 80% Indica Marijuana genetics. Once matured and dried, yields are high, producing buds that offer a sweet, fruity flavor.

Ripper Seeds Criminal+ can be purchased as Single Seeds for the smaller collector, or alternatively, they are offered in both 3 and 6 feminized Marijuana Seed packs.

Check out our Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Collection.

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