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White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds.

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One of the foundations for many Autoflowering strains is the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf. Like all of theAutoflowering seeds currently available, the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf flowers under any photoperiod, even 24 hours of constant light, making it ideal for corners of the vegative area, where the four corners can be put to productive use, growing and maturing quality Cannabis and Marijuana buds, while under a 24 hour photoperiod.

The basis of the White Dwarf is the crossing of two Indica Marijuana plants, and subsequently incorporating the autoflowering gene from the ruderalis, producing the basis of many future autoflowering seeds and strains. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf flowers and matures in approximately 8 weeks, making it an ideal cash crop plant to incorporate into any well lit area. These dwarf Marijuana plants are capable of producing relatively high yields in a much shorter space of time than their Feminized counter-parts.

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf shows a good tolerance for mould and Spider mite problems, making it an ideal choice for many beginners, and with no photoperiod to worry about, the chances of successfully growing the Marijuana plant to full maturity are greatly enhanced, Autoflowering Seeds are far easier to grow than their Regular or Feminized counter-parts.

Buy White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds from Buddha Seeds

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