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Big Buddha Seeds are the English representatives within the global stadium of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds. With the company foundations built upon the highly awarded and critically acclaimed Cheese, Big Buddha have grown into a global Marijuana Seeds brand, known for freshness and quality. Over the last decade, Big Buddha Seeds have delved deep into the genetics of many famous strains from many other well-known breeders including ; DNA Genetics, Soma Seeds, Green House Seed Company, BC Bud Depot. As well as producing Cheese hybrids from strains such as; Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel and the original Chemdawg ’91.

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Furthering the cause of Medical Marijuana seeds, and bringing choice to Cannabis and Medical Marijuana users across the world is a message based in peace and love, words that form the basis of Big Buddha Seeds. There hope is that through the understanding of the various uses of Medical Marijuana, they may help in the easing of many ailments, which, tests have proved, can be assisted by the use of Medical Marijuana. With a wide variety of choice, catering for all tastes and needs, Big Buddha Seeds now offer one of the most comprehensive catologues of Indica and Sativa hybrids for you to choose from. With a dedicated belief in only releasing and producing the very best, most stable Marijuana Seeeds, you are assured of the very finest seeds you can buy online.

From “Couch Locking” Indica stone’s to soaring Sativa High’s Big Buddha Seeds have developed some of the very best in hybrid Marijuana seeds, as well as picking up many Cannabis and High Times Cup’s for its multitude of Cannabis strains. From the release as feminized Marijuana Seeds of “The Cheese” Big Buddha Seeds have treated us to hybrids including many popular strains, offering a wealthy of tastes and highs to suit all palettes.

With their roots deep in the European Cannabis community, Bug Buddha Seeds have now started to look at the needs of the Medical Marijuana patients and users in America. Through the collaboration with established U.S Marijuana Seed producers, including DNA Genetics and Soma Seeds, Big Buddha Seeds have developed strains and quality, stable Marijuana Seeds aimed directly at the American Marijuana growers. Two of these new Marijuana Seeds strains are;


Big Buddha Seeds; Chiesel

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Big Buddha Seeds Chiesel. Representing one of the many forms of the original Cheese seeds available crossed with the famous New York City Diesel, one of the worlds most sought after and popular Marijuana strains. Big Buddha Seeds Chiesel is the result of perfected cross breeding techniques that have allowed the Cheese to be breed with other world famous Cannabis strains. Chiesel is the hybrid daughter of The Cheese and Soma’s NYC Diesel. It is the perfect formulation of both European and American champion Marijuana strains, brought together and infused, creating an old skool Cheese with grapefruit undertones, a true product of champions, containing the very best of Soma’s world-famous NYC Diesel and Big Buddha Seeds Original Cheese. With a powerful blend of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, it packs a sour punch with delicious undertones. Growing time 8-10 weeks.


Big Buddha Seeds; Buddha Tahoe.

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With the Big Buddha’s extensive research into classic American Marijuana strains, we present Buddha Tahoe. The Tahoe OG Kush was selected to be the representative for the Buddha Seeds catalogue due to its extreme potency, combined with the unmistakable sharpness of all quality Kush Marijuana strains. Producing vibrant vegative growth, culminating in an abundance of extremely potent, lemon tasting buds, the Buddha Tahoe feminized Marijuana seeds represent the new-wave of Kush strains. With Cannabis Cup winning credentials Buddha Tahoe is set to become the Godfather of Marijuana strains.  A true 100% Indica that matures between 60 and 64 days from the initiation of flowering.


These are just two of the many Big Buddha Seeds available for your personal use. Guaranteed to generate some of the most stable plants available, producing  high quality Medical Marijuana for all symptoms and requirements. We offer discreet world-wide shipping and supply only fresh, genuine Big Buddha Seeds to people across the world, offering one of the best services available.

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