Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Buying Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Fast, Anonymous Payment

Do you want to buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoin, the biggest of all the crypto-currencies? If you searched for paying using Bitcoin, you already know what it is, and believe in its decentralized system and secure, anonymous payment method. You may even have some Bitcoin (BTC) yourself, perhaps you’ve purchased some, mined it or traded one of the many other altcoins to acquire some.

If all these seems alien and a foreign language to you, research Bitcoin and it’s functions, you will find it to be the most secure and anonymous method of transferring money from one place to another, and now it’s accepted as payment, allowing you to buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoin online.

Bitcoin isn’t new, even if you haven’t used or own any yourself, it has in fact been around since 2011, when a single Bitcoin was valued at around $4.00. It’s rise in value, usage and desirability has increased dramatically since then however, and one Bitcoin is now valued at almost $3,000 (correct as of July 21st 2017). Luckily, a Bitcoin can be broken down to just a single satoshi (0.00000001) allowing people to buy goods, products and services online for almost any cost.

Many of the major companies are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, it’s fast, discreet and attracts far lower charges than standard payment methods such as credit/debit cards, wire transfers and bank transactions. With many people cautious over how items appear on their statements, and using their credit cards online, buying marijuana seeds with Bitcoin was an obvious progression and payment method that could be sent from anywhere around the world at a set price.

There are many different forms of crypto wallet, some hold just a single type of coin, while others can contain a multiple of different types known as altcoins (alternative coins). Many people keep a small amount of these coins on the exchanges where they bought or traded to acquire their Bitcoin originally, and although all bitcoin and other altcoins can be sent anonymously, its worth remembering that your identity is often needed to verify an account, so all the transactions you receive or make from that wallet can be recorded. When sending any form of crypto-currency payment we recommend sending it from a private, unmonitored wallet.


Get Bitcoin’s To Buy Marijuana Seeds

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin, the most common is to use one of the registered and trusted exchanges such as CEX.IO an exchange such as these will require you to verify your identity before allowing you to purchase bitcoin though. Alternatively it is possible to buy it privately using cash or bank transfer, you can find out more here. Buy Bitcoin Locally

Alternatively you may have heard about the large profits and volatile swings that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have, and it’s true. Unlike most currencies that fluctuate just a few cents or pence a day, Bitcoin can swing several hundred dollars in a twenty-four hour period, making it extremely attractive to hedge-fund managers and corporate investors, with the Rothschild Foundation a notoriously big buyer. This has attracted many former bankers and analyst into this market, providing new vehicles for investment with high returns.


Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin Online

Through our association with both I Love Growing Marijuana and our own exclusive UK supplier, we can offer an extensive range of the finest marijuana seeds, allowing you to buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoin online. Choose from our recommended selection of regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds, all available for purchase using anonymous Bitcoin payment. I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the world’s leading and most trusted marijuana seed producers and suppliers, delivering the very best seeds and strains to customers around the world. To learn more about how to buy marijuana seeds with Bitcoin from I Love Growing Marijuana, click below.

New Cannabis Seeds - Free USA Worldwide Shipping


Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Do you want to bulk buy marijuana seeds for Bitcoin? We offer the very best deals on bulk purchases of over 100 seeds per pack. Through our association with one of the leading U.K. distributors, we can now offer bulk marijuana seeds for sale using Bitcoin transactions. All transactions are via individual correspondence due to the quantity of seeds and volatility in the price of Bitcoin. However, if you are looking to buy bulk marijuana seeds, Bitcoin is the perfect payment method with reduced fees and total anonymity.

If you wish to bulk buy marijuana seeds for Bitcoin you’re probably a commercial or cash-crop grower who values their privacy and understands the need for keeping certain transactions quiet and away from your bank or credit card. We offer the most discreet service online and offer a wide selection of marijuana seeds for Bitcoin payment.

With guaranteed delivery we will ship your purchase using the best ‘stealth’ shipping methods, and should for any reason it become lost, stolen or confiscated, will be replaced totally free of charge. Minimum orders on all bulk purchases are subject to availability and minimum orders of 100 seeds. We sell out of many of the strains quickly, as many of our long-term customers place orders in advance. Find out more about bulk buying marijuana seeds by contacting us at our company email address

Bulk Buy Marijuana Seeds For Bitcoin – Feminized

Minimum order £250 in Bitcoin per 100 seeds. Free and guaranteed delivery.

Northern Lights x Chronic      – Big producer of quality buds.

Northern Lights x AK 47         – Powerful and colorful, great bag appeal

White Widow x Amnesia        – Crystal Buds with an unforgettable high

Bubblegum                              – Sweet as candy with large swollen buds

OG Kush                                 – Legendary!

Power Plant                             – One of Amsterdam’s Coffee-shop Classics

Chocolope                               – A classic and firm Californian favorite

White Widow                          – Highly potent with sticky resinous buds

Lavender                                 – For the connoisseurs of taste

Buy Bulk Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Autoflowering seeds are perfect for ‘guerrilla growing’. Bulk buy autoflowering marijuana seeds for bitcoin for £250 per 100, choose from the list below and contact us for BTC twelve hour price and wallet details.


Auto AK                      – Hits like a semi-automatic straight to the head

Auto Critical               – Large yields in fast time

Auto Amnesia            – Easy plants to grow  

Auto Blueberry          –For juicy tasting marijuana lovers

Auto Purple               – Enjoy the purple color and euphoric high

Auto Big Bud             – Huge buds with an easy to grow character

Auto Purple Kush     – Smooth Kush flavor with purple coloring

Auto Super Skunk    – Very pungent and super strong

Auto OG Kush          – The classic just got easier


For a set price, buying ‘window’ and availability contact us at with prices averaging £2.50 per feminized seed per hundred, including guaranteed delivery, we offer the cheapest way to buy marijuana seeds for Bitcoin online.

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