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Cannabis Seeds For Sale
Cannabis seeds can be divided into three distinctive types, feminized, regular and autoflowering, with many strains available in each format. Deciding which type of Cannabis seeds to buy and plant for your needs often depends on your location, growing methods, and whether you are going to be growing indoors or outside. With a selection of the highest quality strains, we can help you choose the best seeds for your style, level of experience and location, providing everything from fast-finishing auto seeds to heavy yielding hybrids.

With many parts of the USA, Canada and Europe beginning to relax and change their Cannabis laws, buying seeds online has never been easier, or more secure, offering a wide choice of tastes and aroma’s, as well as medical applications and recreational high’s. Many of our most popular Cannabis seeds for sale are hybrid strains, containing varying degrees of both Indica and Sativa genetics. While Sativa dominant strains can grow well indoors, they have a slightly longer flowering period, and can become rather tall, making them a good choice for warm, sunny locations with a long growing season. Indica dominant strains are generally quicker to mature, reducing the time from the start of flowering to harvest by an average of two weeks, compared to Sativa’s. The plants tend to remain smaller and more compact, making them an ideal choice for northern locations and for growing cannabis seeds indoors.

Understanding Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Feminized cannabis seeds are the preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor growers, producing strong, female-only plants with potent, high quality buds and cola’s. Unlike many plants, cannabis seeds generate either a male or female plant, and both are necessary for the creation of new seeds. While the females are grown for their buds or future seeds, males are needed to generate the pollen required for fertilization, and so a grow room or area containing only feminized cannabis seeds will produce the best quality buds, devoid of any male genetics or seeds. We supply many of the most common and popular cannabis seeds in feminized format, offering you the chance to grow plants with a selection of tastes and high’s.

Choose from well-established classics such as White Widow, Sour Diesel and AK 47, through to some of the latest popular choices including Trainwreck, Green Crack and Blue Dream. All of the feminized cannabis seeds available through us are created using the finest, most stable genetics, guaranteeing pure female plants with the highest quality yields.

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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Regular cannabis seeds are less popular than they once were, as more and more growers prefer the guaranteed females assured by feminized seeds. On average, the seeds produced by cannabis plants are fifty percent male and fifty percent female, as both sexes are necessary for future seed creation. As most growers only wish to grow cannabis for it’s subsequent buds, spending time, effort and money on seeds and plants that are males, is considered a waste of resources, as they will not produce any buds, and may well fertilize the remaining females, sending them from bud to seed production. The main reasons people buy regular cannabis seeds is to create their own strains, or for clone production.

The high quality genetics contained within our recommended males make them an ideal choice for breeding and pollinating a female plant, ensuring strong, healthy seeds, while the females produced from regular cannabis seeds often become superior clone mothers, producing shoots and stems perfect for making fast-rooting cuttings and clones. We offer a selection of strains in regular format, all containing both male and female seeds of the highest quality.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are becoming more popular across many parts of the world, and are often planted in the early Spring and Summer to provide the first harvests of the year. Guaranteed female, each seed is capable of producing high quality buds and cola’s in around twelve weeks from germination, regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive. Traditional cannabis seeds rely on at least twelve hours of regular darkness to commence and maintain bud production, autoflowering seeds grow, flower and mature simultaneously, reducing the time from germination to harvest, producing their best and biggest yields during the height of Summer, when the plant can receive as many light hours as possible.

Autoflowering seeds can be grown inside, but are usually planted outdoors during the early part of the season.A perfect choice for guerrilla growers, producing compact, discreet plants that can be easily hidden and camouflaged. Their ability to grow, flower and mature within twelve weeks, regardless of the time of year, allows for staggered planting and continuous harvests from the middle of Summer through to the Fall or early Autumn months. We offer a selection of the finest autoflowering cannabis seeds with a selection of tastes, aroma’s and high’s.

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Buying Cannabis Seeds

We offer the highest quality cannabis seeds, guaranteed to germinate and produce the strongest, most vibrant plants. Choose from a wide selection of strains, offering everything from the biggest yields, most potent buds and tastiest flavors. Receive all the help and advice you need to successfully grow your own cannabis from seed with a selection of free growing downloads, explaining every part of growing cannabis, from best germination methods, through to how to harvest your plants for the most potent buds.

Want to buy cannabis seeds in the USA? All our cannabis seeds are fully guaranteed to arrive and posted using the very best ‘stealth’ methods.