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Spread over Dale, Henry and Houston County, Dothan, Alabama has a population of approximately 66,000 people and is the largest city and county seat of Houston County. Situated in the southeastern corner of the State, it’s only 20 miles from Georgia and 16 miles from Florida’s State line. Often referred to as the ‘peanut city of the world’, it produces almost 25% of the United States peanut crop.

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Buying marijuana seeds in Dothan, Alabama isn’t easy. Unlike almost all other plants, growing marijuana within the State is illegal, and can result in a jail sentence. It’s unlikely to find local shops or stores selling them, resulting in online searches to find reputable and trusted websites, from which to buy marijuana seeds in Alabama online.

With years of dedicated service, recommending only the very best cannabis and marijuana seeds to our customers, we are happy to help in your search for the very best seeds and strains to suit your tastes, needs and size of operation. All our seeds are shipped directly from I Love Growing Marijuana and include free, guaranteed shipping.

A range of secure payments facilities, and a selection of ways to pay for your purchases, as well as free stealth shipping to all parts of Alabama and the United States, we help to provide the very best marijuana seeds available, with all the security and guarantees you need to make a safe purchase.

We have a wide variety of feminized Marijuana seeds for sale and autoflowering seeds to choose from, as well as different pack sizes and packs containing three different stains in each. We also offer a range of complete growing sets, with our medical marijuana set being particularly well received.

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What Are The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana?

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Over recent years studies have shown the positive effects that CBD can have on a persons health. However, that doesn’t mean to say smoking marijuana is good for you, on the contrary, however, certain strains of marijuana, high in CBD have shown to have positive effects against a range of ailments and conditions.

Eating disorders, pre-menstrual tension, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, rheumatism, arthritis and even some forms of cancer have all been reduced due to the use of marijuana, although primarily from one specific compound within the marijuana plant called CBD.

Marijuana contains hundreds of different chemicals and compounds, many of which we are only now beginning to understand. While THC is associated with recreational strains, Seeds with elevated CBD levels are often referred to as medical marijuana, although they will all ‘get you high’ and growing them is still illegal in Alabama.

Alternatively, you can obtain CBD in its liquid form and enjoy all the medicinal benefits it provides. We provide the highest quality extract, containing little, if any THC, perfect for medicinal use. Find out more about buying CBD Oil in Alabama.

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Trusted Marijuana Seedbank for Dothan, Alabama.

We offer a wide and varied selection of the highest quality cannabis and marijuana seeds. All our seeds are shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, a highly respected and trusted internet company, and are shipped free of charge, with the added assurance of guaranteed delivery.

Whether its potent, recreational marijuana strains, or medicinal seeds, high in CBD, we have a varied assortment of feminized and autoflowering seeds, perfect for all styles of growing, tastes, needs and preferences. With a selection of packet sizes, including mixed seed packs for greater variety, and complete grow sets providing everything a grower will need from purchase to harvest.

Payment is safe, secure and easy, offering a variety of methods including cash, credit card, bank transfer and even Bitcoin, and with the very best stealth postal and packaging methods utilized, you’re guaranteed to receive your purchase. If not, contact the customer care department, who will quickly arrange for replacements to be dispatched, totally free of charge.

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

Blue Dream (Fem)

Blue Dream seeds are a Sativa dominant Haze variety with a Blueberry flavour and aroma requiring approximately ten weeks to completely mature. Veg times can be kept to a minimum as the plant increases in size.

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Crystal Marijuana Seeds

Crystal (Fem)

Crystal Cannabis seeds produce tall plants with dense, compact buds, highly recommended for Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing techniques. Good yields in an average flowering time, produce very strong, potent buds and cola’s.

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Buy Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

Lowryder (Autoflower)

Lowryder is an Indica dominant Cannabis strain that produces a body stone effect. Considered by many as a ‘creeper’, it’s relaxing, sleepy buzz will slowly take hold and put many a light smoker into numbing ‘couch-lock’.

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Buying marijuana seeds in Dothan, Alabama can be safe and easy when you deal with a respected and reputable company. Enjoy the finest strains, highest quality seeds and all the help you could need to beginning growing your own marijuana today. Not sure where to begin? Download the Growing Marijuana Guide, totally free and without obligation, it explains all aspects of growing marijuana, from germination through to harvest.

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