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Super Lemon Haze Medical Marijuana Seeds

Super Lemon Haze Seeds Review.
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Super Lemon Haze Seeds

A perfect marijuana strain for all levels of experience, with a natural immunity to most bugs, pests and mites, and copes well with high levels of humidity. The classic Sativa stretch during the first few weeks of flowering produces a tall plant with large buds and an easy to grow nature.

Flowering times are average, requiring between 9 - 10 weeks to fully form and mature, producing a multitude of large buds and cola's when enhanced growing methods and good nutrient feeds are used. Outdoor growers should expect to harvest during the middle of October.

You can buy Super Lemon Haze seeds in a variety of pack sizes, all feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce the highest quality female marijuana plant. Delivery is included in the price and guaranteed to arrive to all parts of the USA, Canada and Europe, with a variety of secure payment options.

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