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The cheapest Big Buddha Blue Cheese seeds

Big Buddha Blue Cheese Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese have become almost as famous as the original Cheese Cannabis strain. A perfect hybrid cross containing the best genetics from Big Buddha Cheese and the best available pure Blueberry Marijuana plant, the Big Buddha created possibly the best tasting Cannabis available as seeds. Still unsure about buying Blue Cheese Seeds, read our full review of the Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese.

Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese has a totally unique taste that is very difficult to describe. Defining a taste, an aroma that’s different to any other is almost impossible. To some they taste a chemical after-taste, for others, it’s unmistakably Blueberry. Either visit Amsterdam, or bring Amsterdam quality to you with Big Buddha Blue Cheese, you won’t be disappointed.

Big Buddha Blue Cheese seeds produce a stable, Indica dominated hybrid containing the very best characteristics of the Blueberry male and original Big Buddha Cheese. The combination of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa combined within each seed, together with good germination ratios, produces squat, bushy plants that mature quickly, with good yields that emit a Blueberry, fruity fragrance.

With it’s strong Indica genetics, it’s recommended that you give Big Buddha Blue Cheese plants space when it is in its growing stages, Big Buddha Blue Cheese Seeds grow uniformly, creating fairly squat, strong Marijuana plants that grow to become more bush-like as they go to flower. Close internodes make this strain an ideal choice for indoor ‘Sea-Of-Green’ gardeners.

Blue Cheese plants benefit from super cropping methods and techniques, which enhance the side branching development\development of the side branches, which will improve the yield at harvesting. Big Buddha Blue Cheese seeds take approximately 8-9 weeks indoors, and unless pruning is undertaken, comprises of a large top bud and large buds from the side branches, enhanced further by following the super-cropping methods which can be used before and at the start of flowering. When grown outdoors, Big Buddha Blue Cheese will be ready to harvest during the early part of November, perfect for the beginning of the Winter months.

Although not considered a heavy hitting cash-crop, the quality is an absolute winner, when maturity approaches, a light blue clooring, or glaze appears over the buds, especially outside or in poor grow rooms which suffer from changes in temperature, such as lofts and out-buildings that cool considerably during the night and early hours of the morning.

Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese was awarded the third prize during the High Times Sativa Cup 2006, beaten by Mako Haze from Kiwi Seeds, who won the first prize, with Opium from Paradise Seeds achieving the silver. However, take a tour around a large number of the Amsterdam Coffee Shops and you will find that the Big Buddha Blue Cheese started a demand\desire for a more fruity version of the previous winning Big Buddha Cheese strain. A large number of Marijuana producers now incorporate their own strain of Big Buddha Blue Cheese, however, it was with the crossing of the Big Buddha Cheese and a quality Blueberry male, that first introduced us to the taste and high produced by this fruity version from Big Buddha Seeds.

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