Growing Cannabis In Massachusetts

Growing Cannabis In Massachusetts

On election day, the people of Massachusetts were asked to decide whether to legalize the recreational use of Cannabis and Marijuana, and the vote was given a resounding yes!

Growing Cannabis In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Approved Recreational Marijuana.


Massachusetts already had some marijuana-friendly laws in place before the decision. Medical marijuana became legal in 2012, and a 2008 ballot measure replaced criminal penalties with civil penalties on adults who possess an ounce or less.

Question 4, as the recreational use measure is called, will legalize it and allow the commonwealth to tax and regulate its use and sale, much like the way alcohol is handled. That means people 21 and older could use it, possess it or grow it. They can have under 10 ounces in their home and under 1 ounce in public and be allowed to grow six plants.

A number of politicians there support it, as does the American Civil Liberties Union.
Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, opposed legalization, as did Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat. Baker argued that passage would exacerbate the state’s opioid epidemic.

Roman Catholic bishops in Massachusetts also argued against legalization, saying it is “not a path civil society should chose to take.”

The Boston Globe wrote in support of the ballot measure, arguing, “legal marijuana is coming. Let’s get on with it.”

Growing Cannabis In Massachusetts.

With the forthcoming changes in the law governing growing Cannabis in Massachusetts, many ‘would-be’ Marijuana growers are preparing to take advantage of these changes and grow their own Cannabis for recreational, rather than purely medical reasons.

Until these changes are implemented growing Marijuana in Massachusetts can only be undertaken by special licence, or medical marijuana card. However in just a few short weeks all that will change, and the legalization of recreational Cannabis begins.

With the implementation of the new laws, anyone over adult age can grow up to 6 plants freely and legally. View the proposals on the new laws for growing Cannabis in Massachusetts. With that in mind, there has never been a better time to buy Cannabis seeds and begin your very own grow. Find the best selection of strains when you legally buy Marijuana seeds in Massachusetts online.

Growing Cannabis in Massachusetts couldn’t be easier, ideal temperatures and sunny days allow growers to choose whether to grow indoors or outside. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, here are some of the main points to consider:

 Indoor Cannabis Growing In Massachusetts

Many people argue that indoor grown Cannabis and Marijuana is stronger, tastier and better looking than outdoor grown buds. They state that better climate control, perfectly timed 12/12 lighting and an indoor environment stimulates the plants to produce buds with more density, a higher THC content and a greater amount of control over the plants nutrient uptake and pest control.

However, now that growing Cannabis in Massachusetts is legal, it makes sense to at least grow your own outdoor Cannabis, even if your finances will currently not allow you to invest in the necessary equipment needed to produce high quality indoor Marijuana plants.

One of the major drawbacks that all new growers face is the upfront set-up costs needed to grow Cannabis seeds indoors. Often finding the extra money necessary for a grow tent, lamp, air induction and extraction, together with nutrients and running costs can add up to a fair sum of money, and without any guarantee of a successful crop, especially for the new and beginner grower.

For those new growers looking for equipment, click below. Offering the best equipment at low prices, we recommend for all your equipment needs.

Start Growing Marijuana Now

With almost perfect weather most of the year, why would you want to grow Cannabis indoors indoors in Massachusetts? Well there are several good reasons why many of the ‘old’ Medical Marijuana dispensaries sell more indoor than outdoor grown Marijuana, here are a few:

  • The temperature can be controlled and regulated. When the air is too hot, Cannabis plants cease growing, likewise when it becomes too cold.
  • Bugs, pests, molds and fungus can cause problems. Insects can attack your plants, mold can destroy the buds overnight just as they mature, and animals can eat or destroy them.
  • To produce their best Cannabis, many strains require a constant 12/12 light-dark ratio. As the sunlight hours differ through the seasons, outdoor grown plants grow, flower and mature over a longer period
  • Planted outdoors, the soil may be difficult for the plant’s roots to break through, hindering development. Pots are better, but ensure no sudden heavy rain soaks the rooting medium too much.


Outdoor Cannabis Growing In Massachusetts

With its warm climate, growing outdoor Cannabis in Massachusetts could be cheap and easy. The long sunny days are perfect for vegetative growth, while the shorter days of the Fall allow the plants to flower, producing a generous harvest.

Unfortunately here is the legal problem. If you decided to start growing your own Marijuana due to the changes in the law on its recreational use, you obviously don’t wish to break it now. Providing almost any Cannabis strain a long vegetative period almost always ensures a heavy harvest, which may, in one plant, break the 10 oz rule.

Secondly, as the plant will vegetate throughout the Summer, receiving more than its maximum 12 hours of light to begin flowering, it will take a long time to fully mature, taking up one of your 6 valuable legal plants. Do you want to wait months for your first crop?

The simple answer for people looking to grow their first crop of outdoor Cannabis in Massachusetts is to begin with Autoflowering Marijuana seeds. Available in a selection of strains, these easy to grow Cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for both beginner and the more experienced grower alike.

Requiring very little skill, experience or knowledge, simply plant these seeds in a large pot with high quality soil and wait for just eight weeks on average for them to grow, flower and mature, producing some of the finest Cannabis buds, displaying all the characteristics, traits and attributes associated with that strain.


Autoflowering Massachusetts Cannabis Seeds

Congratulations To All Those Who Voted To Legalize Cannabis In Massachusetts

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