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Dr Krippling Cannabis SeedsDr Krippling Seeds brings together a group of Cannabis and Marijuana lovers whose aim is to ensure the evolution of Cannabis to it’s full potential. Scattered across a variety of European countries, their selective breeding and growing programs combine all forms of growing, such as indoor, outdoor and hydroponics to test and develop their collection of high quality, heavy yielding Cannabis seeds.

By using a variety of growing techniques, with expert gardeners, Dr Krippling Seeds have developed some outstanding strains. Through a combination of collaborating with some of the best Cannabis Seed Banks and seed producers, as well as constantly being on the look-out for new strains, whether natural or discovered accidentally, such as the English ‘Cheese varieties, or the American ‘Sour Diesel’ the growers and breeders at Dr Krippling Seeds have incorporated a variety of strains together, stabilised them and released several as extreme Cash-Crop Cannabis Seeds.

Through constant research and development, Dr Krippling Seeds will only get better and more diverse. Discover more about these amazing Cannabis seeds by reading a more informative review of each strain. Highly recommended for both novice and expert growers, whether indoor, outdoor, soil, inert material or full hydro. You will soon discover which of the Dr Krippling seeds is right for you.

Dr Krippling Seeds Collection

Dr Krippling Seeds Collection – Enjoy Heavy Yields With Quality.

Dr Krippling Seeds

Krippleberry Seeds – Autoflowering

Krippling’s mix of blueberries, with a touch of ruderalis, produces an autoflowering crop which closely matches the tastes and qualities of the original world famous strain. Tight compact buds, jam packed with a smooth fruity taste and intense aromas.

Jumping Black Dash Seeds – Autoflowering

An Autoflowering plant from our strains in black.– Thick, impenetrable buds, packed with gorgeous flavours of sweets and grapes. Autoflowering plants don’t get much better than this. Black Domina heritage.

Bubba Yum Seeds – Autoflowering

A select pick of Bubblegum Auto strains mixed with an auto cheese strain – forms dense buds, bursting with scrumptious flavours and aromas ~ BubbaYum’s mix is a marriage made in heaven and possibly produces the sweetest autoflowering buds in the world.

Delhi Friend Seeds – Feminised

Bred to be a heavy resin producer ~ the effects and buzz of this plant are out of this world. Mr Krippling has stabilised a strain of seeds from our friends in New Delhi and crossed with our best Indian genetics available from UK. Delhi Friend produces stinky, sticky buds, dripping with infinite big crystals. Distinctive smells and tastes of indica + hash.

Dr Krippling Seed Collection

Dizzy Lights Seeds – Autoflowering

I’m so dizzy; my head is spinning!!!!! Check out and discover something new with this Krippling Northern Lights Auto strain ~ you can now have full access to Dizzy Lights. This far stretching auto shines through and through, with an infinite amount of crystallised delights ~ and mouth watering flowers, reminiscent of its Northern Lights heritage.

Pickled Diesel Seeds – Autoflowering

Selection of diesel strains from Krippling’s pool of genetics, Pickled Diesel gives a solid, rapid bud with overtones of lemon, lime, orange & pineapple, with a hint of lavender, dill & spice ~ all on undertone tastes and smells reminiscent of its diesel and red grapefruit parentages.

Kripple Shock Seeds – Feminized

Cor blimey Guv! Can that plant look any more menacing? WTF go on with them buds?!?! Has it snowed in here or something!?!?! The density in them nuggets is effin’ amazing!! OMG the smell is off the hook!! Give me Kripple Shock all day everyday!!! Flavours of the white widow dominate, with an undertone of chocolate + caramel…. pure unadulterated bliss….mmmm.

Spinning Buzz Kick Seeds – Autoflowering

Get multiple Spinning Buzz Kicks to your head, back and legs, when experiencing this Krippling autoflowering strain. Don’t miss out on this incredible Northern Lights crossed with Black Domina Auto strain. It’s such a super sweet tasting plant, but bewares – Krippling Kicks to fear!

Dr Krippling Seeds Collection

Incredible Bulk Seeds  – Feminized

Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower before it is 2 feet tall, or else it can be difficult to maintain indoors. Almost impossible to hurt this plant – it can take a huge range of ph / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement. This plant mutates and adapts to its environment – one perfectly grown, big plant can produce up to the same yield of twenty plants of normal size. Boxing-glove sized buds are to be expected on perfect large plants grown in Hydroponics, with CO2 enhancement.

Mango Chutney Seeds – Feminized

Sweet, sour + spicy flavours to set your taste buds alight. Sweet citrus smells emanate out of each and every flower, exploding with fruity and fiery flavours. Team Krippling have experimented Willy Wonka style, to present this “popping candy style” strain of marijuana which never fails to tickle your tongue. WARNING BEWARE:  Too much will cause you to fall over and you’ll end up with a cut knee!!!

Ganj-Nam Style Seeds – Feminized

What do you get when Dr Krippling crosses a strain originating from the jungles of Vietnam and Laos, with a classic re-working of the Big Bud?? Answer: “GANJ-NAM STYLE! “ This plant is so desirable, you will find all manner of excuses to avoid the tasks of the day, and spend some “high” quality time with this seductive beauty. Some of you may be scratching your heads when we say we’ve got jungle genetics suitable for sea of green, but we’ve achieved it.

Buzz Light Gear Seeds – Feminized

One for the connoisseurs & day-trippers – Krippling’s 100% sativa mix’s bred for flavour & smell. This plant forms crystal ladened calyx, upon calyx, upon calyx…… with strong overtones of the hazes and mist + an undertone of orange bud. Buzz Light Gear ‘will not knock you for six’ or ‘shake you like a Polaroid picture’. Makes your day perfect, as it gives an exciting, energising high – encouraging you ~ 2 infinity ‘n’ beyond !!!

Dr Krippling Collection

Sonic Bloom Seeds – Autoflowering

One beautiful mix of Indian and Nepalese Genetics, which are mainly Indica heritage. These plants seem to sing as they increase in size and fatten up daily. A Top quality autoflowering strain, just when the majority of the world were thinking autoflowering strains are a weaker, substandard product, Team Krippling presents Sonic Bloom and all its other heavyweight and Very High quality Autoflowering strains.

Choc Matic Seeds – Autoflowering

Delightful chocolate flavoured buds are gifted from Choc Matic in approximately 75 days from germination. As with all our autoflowering strains, she is happy to rapidly grow indoors or outdoors, but it is advised to avoid too much stress as every day is a full time working day for these wonderful auto flowering strains.

Kripple Roulette Seeds – Feminized

Hit the Jackpot, The green’s yours, the red’s yours, the black’s yours. You can only be a winner. A special mix to make a quality rapid flowering strain. Black Domina’s parentage ( recognised in the States as one of the best ) can allow flowers to be ready in early as 42 days. Strike a plant more dominant of the scrumptious Skunk Red Hair genetics and the flowers can take up to 56 days. The flavours and smells of this Krippling strain is simply sour sherbet sweets.

Pak Man Seeds – Feminized

Top-notch mixing has gone on here folks. A taste of this special combo is preparation to embark on a super size feast. This hashy, kushy, ‘n’ skunky delight will start you off. Level 1: You become best friends with your kitchen and fridge, as you munch your way through like Pac-Man. It’s ok – eat all the food – there are no ghosts to avoid; there’s only HIGH spirits with Pak Man. Level 2: USERS BEWARE: A vicious circle has started here…. as après feast you will need Pak Man again… which leads to a need to feed again.

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