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Kaliman Seeds are one of the leading suppliers of Cheese Seeds, and home of the original Exodus Cheese clone, now available in Cannabis Seed form.


Kaliman Seeds Nitro Express

Kaliman Seeds Nitro Express is a cross of the late ’80’s UK Exodus Cheese clone and a pure, original Haze and then back-crossed with the Exodus Cheese mother. The resulting Cannabis Seeds provide a true balance between both parents in terms of taste and aroma and is fully mature in 10-11 weeks. The psychoactive effect is similar to the strong Sativa dominant Haze strains, but without any hard edge to it. This has resulted in a delicious new Cheese strain that is motivational rather than couch locking and also provides a very pleasant and sociable high that is great when enjoyed with company.


Kaliman Seeds Cheese Tease

Kaliman Seeds Cheese Tease is an original Exodus Cheese clone crossed with a Skunk#1 F1 hybrid. Although Cheese tease does not provide the full cheese taste, it is a great strain in which Skunk #1 dominates in the final cured flavor,  with an added twist of cheese. It is a distinct improvement over many of the Skunk#1 seeds that are available today, many of which can seem homogenized and rather bland in comparison. Flowering times for these Regular Marijuana Seeds vary between 8-11 weeks depending upon available sunlight or artificial light hours and other environmental issues.



Kaliman Seeds Cheese #1

Kaliman Seeds Cheese #1 is Kaliman Seeds’s flagship baby and is the first and only cheese strain that totally does what it says on the tin, namely, that it is indistinguishable from the 1989 Exodus clone mother in both taste and effect. 100% original  Exodus clone genetics, in a stable and healthy, Cannabis Seed form, providing up to 50% greater yields than the original clone produced. Kaliman Seeds Cheese #1 is the result of a spontaneous sexual reversal of an Exodus cheese clone that when used to pollinate a sister clone produced Cannabis Seeds that were genetically identical to the mother plant, the closest strain to the original Exodus Cheese strain.


Kaliman Seeds Marley's Cheese

Kaliman Seeds Marley’s Cheese is an inbred F2 generation of the Kaliman Seeds Cheese Tease. Due to the magic of the F2 gene recombination, this strain has many different phenotypes with varying chemotype/resin profiles, some of which are cheesier than the original whilst others that are less so. Many sport dread-lock style fox-tails that just get bigger the longer as the strain grows, hence the name, Marley’s Cheese. Requiring between 8-11 weeks to fully mature, Marley’s Cheese is another almost perfect Cheese, Skunk #1 cross. If you enjoy a variety of tastes, all with undertones of the original Exodus Cheese, and are looking for heavy yielding outdoor Marijuana Seeds for this Summer, this is a great strain to select.


Kaliman Seeds Rockstar's Cheese

Kaliman Seeds Rockster’s Cheese is a cross from the original Exodus Cheese clone, together with a specially selected Skunk #1. The subsequent plant was then back crossed three times with the Exodus clone mother. This has resulted in a pleasant combination of both parents, providing a citrus rather than fruity aroma, together with the classic cheese taste. It is a very dank and tasty cheese strain with a tongue tingling lemon aftertaste. Kaliman Seeds Rockstar’s Cheese are available in packets of 10 Regular Cannabis Seeds, and require the standard 8-11 necessary to fully grow and mature once flowering is commenced.

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