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Ripper Seeds are a very highly regarded Spanish Marijuana Seed company, who have a selection of stable and high quality Cannabis and Marijuana strains at their disposal. Through their own breeding program, they have created a collection of quality strains that can be purchased in seed form for you to grow or collect.

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Ripper Seeds Review

Ripper Seeds Double Glock

Ripper glock review

Ripper Seeds Double Glock

Available in feminized seed form, Double Glock is a 100% pedigree Indica Marijuana strain, whose genetics originate from parts of the remote Afghanistan valley’s. As with all Indica, and particularly the Afghani varieties, Ripper Seeds Double Glock grows into a bush structure, remaining short and squat with short internodes, and strong branches.

There are no pheno variations with this strain due to its true Indica genetics, making Double Glock a great to strain to master and obtain the very best Marijuana from. Highest yields per individual plant can be obtained with a longer growing period.

Ripper Seeds Double Glock does not stretch a great deal in flowering, preferring to use its energy to produce thick forming flowers.

A great strain for beginners and professionals alike, as it can withstand a high nutrient level, should any overfeeding mistakes occur.

As with most of the Indica Marijuana Seeds, once flowering commences, maturing is around 8/9 weeks, with almost all being mature together due to the uniform stability of the strain.

Once dried and correctly cured, Double Glock is a highly powerful Indica Medical Marijuana strain, perfect for evening use and people suffering from stress and insomnia.

Ripper Seeds Grape Gum

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Grape Gum is a true F1 hybrid created using two separate Marijuana strains.

By crossing an American West Coast favorite, Bubblegum, together with a highly prized Canadian Grapefruit strain, Ripper Seeds have produced a strain that contains the exquisite bouquet of sweet, fruity flavors filling the air with a pleasant grape-like aroma.

Ripper Seeds Grape Gum contains 60% Sativa and 40% Indica Marijuana genetics, which when combined produce a high quality, stable Marijuana strain, which retains all the best characteristics. Flowering requires approximately 68 days, so almost 10 weeks.

Once dried and correctly cured, the resulting buds are sweet and fruity both in aroma and taste, leaving the user with a well balanced high incorporating both the creativeness of a classic Sativa, together with the body buzz associated with quality Indica Marijuana strains.

Ripper Seeds Criminal +

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Criminal + is the latest Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds, combining the award winning and heavy yielding Critical strain, together with Double Glock, Ripper Seeds have developed an 80% Indica Marijuana Seed, which retains the best characteristics of its heritage.

Criminal + offers fast, vibrant harvests with flowering times of approximately 50 – 55 days, requiring only a short growing period of approximately three weeks.

In growth, she retains the short, bush-like structure associated with classic Indica’s, while providing good harvests of very powerful Medical grade Marijuana.

Once harvested and correctly dried and cured, Ripper Seeds Criminal + has a sweet, fruity taste providing a couch-locking stone.

Ripper Seeds are available as Single Seed purchases, or for sale as complete packets of 3 or 5 Marijuana Seeds.

We only promote and supply genuine Marijuana Seeds, and all Ripper Seeds qualify for free Marijuana Seeds.

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