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Berry Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

Product Name: Berry Seeds Mix

Product Description: Get up to 20 x Blueberry, Blackberry and Strawberry Cough feminized cannabis seeds.

Brand: ILGM Seed Bank

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  • Berry Feminized Seeds Mix

Berry Seeds Mix Pack.

Juicy, berry marijuana strains are always highly popular, and these three are some of our best-selling feminized varieties. Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing techniques, and for all but absolute beginners, enjoy high quality yields with succulent berry flavors.

Feminized marijuana seeds offer the best solution for the majority of growers. Guaranteed female, they ensure that each seed germinated, returns the highest quality female plant, with the traits and attributes you desire. Flowering requires a regular 12/12 photo-period to achieve maximum yield and quality.

Blueberry – Highly popular with a mouth-watering flavor and strong, potent effects. Prefect for indoor and outdoor growing methods.

Blackberry Kush – Potent Indica dominant medical marijuana strain with the aroma and flavor of fresh blackberries.

Strawberry Cough – A very popular medical marijuana strain with an energizing, creative high.

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Berry Seeds Mix

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Berry Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

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