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Marijuana seeds offering all the most popular choices of Cannabis and Medical Marijuana available on-line.

Guaranteed delivery and germination, first-class customer services and all the help and information you could need to successfully achieve a high quality harvest. 

Recreational grower, Medical Marijuana provider or Cash-Cropper, we have the best, most reliable Marijuana seeds for all levels of grower. From novice to expert find the best strains for your needs and growing style.

Indoor, outdoor, high potency and high yielding Marijuana seeds, many in feminized, regular and autoflowering form. All with GUARANTEED DELIVERY.



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Buy Marijuana seeds through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana and enjoy totally free postage and packing to the USA, Canada and Europe.

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I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the most trusted commercial Marijuana seeds producers in Amsterdam. Now available to the public, you can buy their high quality seeds direct and enjoy free postage and no additional shipping costs.

Enjoy the best ‘Stealth packaging’ methods and buy Marijuana seeds with free shipping

No matter where you live, your Marijuana seeds are guaranteed to arrive at their destination. The methods used for shipping their seeds and Marijuana growing products is so discreet, it rarely arouses any suspicions, but should it get lost, stolen, or for any other reason not arrive, your order will be re-shipped totally free of charge.

Dealing with a top rated, trusted Dutch company who guarantee both delivery and their products will give you the peace of mind to grow Marijuana in confidence.




Feminized Marijuana Seeds - Click Here

All the feminized Marijuana seeds available from I Love Growing Marijuana are guaranteed to produce female-only plants. All Marijuana seeds contain the genetics to become either a male or female plant. The female plant produces white pistols or flowers that gradually multiple and swell building buds and trichomes that contain the THC.

Male Marijuana plants do not build buds, they produce pollen sacks, whose sole purpose is to fertilize and pollinate the female buds. Once the seed bracts have been pollinated by a male, the plant dramatically reduces bud production and instead, concentrates it’s energy on the production of seeds.

Whether you are growing Marijuana indoors, or outside, a rogue male pollinating your crop can have a devastating effect, reducing both the harvest and THC levels. Because of this many growers prefer to grow feminized Marijuana seeds, which in 99% of cases only produce female plants.

When buying feminized Marijuana seeds on-line,  make sure you buy from reputable and respected breeders. Unstable feminized seeds can produce both male and female flowers on the same plant, these are known as hermaphrodites, and, because they almost always self-pollinate, never reach the potential yield or THC levels of sensimilla, or unseeded bud.




Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds - Click Here

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds have become very popular in many of the southern States in America due to their unique ability to flower, regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive. This makes them the perfect choice for growing Marijuana outdoors, especially during the Summer months when standard Marijuana plants would receive too many hours of sunshine to activate the flowering cycle.

Unlike conventional Marijuana seeds, which have separate vegetative and flowering cycles, Autoflowering Marijuana seeds grow and flower simultaneously, requiring no set hours of darkness. This reduces the time it takes to grow from a seedling to a fully mature Marijuana plant dramatically, with many strains reaching peak maturity in around 8 – 9 weeks from seedling.

If you are new to growing Cannabis, Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are the perfect choice. All the seeds offered by I Love Growing Marijuana are feminized Autoflowering Marijuana seeds, guaranteeing a female-only plant every time, and with these seeds being so easy to grow, anyone can learn can to grow high quality Marijuana….FAST!

Autoflowering Marijuana thrive when grown outdoors during the Summer months. The long sunny days are perfect for these plants, so there is no need to worry if they are getting enough darkness, even grown under twenty-four hour light, they will still flower and fully mature, offering a harvest of high quality Marijuana buds.




Cannabis Seeds - Patriot Mix PackIf you are unsure which Marijuana seeds are best for your needs, why not try a mixed seeds pack. I Love Growing Marijuana offers a choice of five different mix selections, with each pack containing three different strains. With three seeds of each strain included, that’s a total of nine Marijuana seeds in every mixed seed pack.

Different levels of THC and CBD can alter the high dramatically, one of the benefits of the mixed seed packs is with three strains in every pack, you’re sure to find an aroma, taste and high that you enjoy, and suits your needs precisely.

From ‘Cash-Crop’ strains to the more exotic, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save when you buy mixed Marijuana seeds, and with every delivery guaranteed to arrive, as well as every seed guaranteed to germinate, anyone can now start planting Marijuana seeds and looking forward to a varied harvest at a fraction of the cost.

All the Marijuana seeds for sale from I Love Growing Marijuana are covered by their germination guarantee. Their selected seeds are used by many commercial Dutch growers, and are now offered to the public fully covered by their 100% germination guarantee.




Growing Marijuana Seeds - Free Download

Although growing Marijuana can be relatively simple, there will be times when things go wrong, and the plant begins to suffer. The larger fan, or shade leaves are generally the first parts of the plant to exhibit signs that something is wrong, and it’s the growers skill and knowledge that will notice these changes, taking the corrective course of action.

Plants can suffer from a selection of deficiencies. Each requires a different treatment to correct the problem and improve the health and vitality of the plant. The Marijuana Grow Bible by Robert Bergman covers all aspects of growing Marijuana, from germination to harvest, drying and curing.

No more searching the internet for the best ways to grow, how to ‘Super-Crop’ or how to cure nutrient problems, bugs or bacterial infections. The Marijuana Grow Bible is packed full of easy to read, easy to follow instructions, helping you get the very best harvest from your Marijuana seeds.

And best of all its totally free. No waiting for it to be delivered, simply follow the link in the picture on the left, input your email address and access one of the best Marijuana growing manuals straight to your computer, tablet or smart phone instantly.