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Since their relocation into the very heart of Amsterdam, DNA Genetics Seeds have increased their valuable selection of high quality Regular and Feminized Marijuana Seeds. Although originally a West Coast Californian seed company, their move to Holland in 2003 has assisting in promoting their name, seeds and clothing line to a world wide audience.

Their first major success within the Cannabis community came in 2005, when DNA Genetics seeds, The Martian Mean Green, was awarded first place in the highly competitive and prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup for best Sativa, since then, both DNA Genetics Seeds, and The Martian Mean Green have gone on to win many more awards, cups and expo’s.

DNA Genetics Seeds Martian Mean Green

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Available as 6 or 13 Marijuana Seed packs, DNA Genetics Seeds Martian Mean Green is a multi-cup winning strain exhibiting both Sativa and an Indica genetic base. Parentage can be traced back to DNA Genetics seeds own Sharksbreath, and the notorious G13.

  • DNA Genetics Seeds Sharksbreath is an Indica dominant strain, producing short, sturdy plants. Ideal for Sea-Of-Green producing multiple heavy frosted colas. Highly potent and a highly regarded Medical Marijuana Strain.
  • G13 a highly mysterious strain with several variations on how it actually became known as G13. However, many of the most potent Marijuana strains contain genetics of the original, the best of which is available at Sensi Seed Bank.

Martian Mean Green has always been considered one of the very best in the DNA Genetics Seeds collection, offering soaring, elevated highs, courtesy of the G13 genetics, this pungent hybrid is ideal for stress relief and anxiety, as well well mild pain relief. The high induces the user to feel euphoric and happy, while remaining focused and creative. A highly recommended strain for evening recreational use.

DNA Genetics Seeds Lemon Skunk

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DNA Genetics seeds Lemon Skunk originated in Las Vegas, with the male for the two crosses coming from Holland. Their particular Lemon Skunk  produces a very smooth smoke containing a subtle, under-lying taste, this strain does not contain the deep lemon taste associated with Lemon Skunk Seeds.

DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk seeds grow to be strong and vibrant Marijuana plants containing a high calyx to leaf ratio, easily capable of producing good to high yields from its tall, Sativa style plants. Often new Marijuana gardeners leave the plant too long before harvesting, expecting a greater, more pronounced taste, and greater high.

This is not true with DNA Genetic Lemon Skunk Seeds, according to research, the optimum for their seeds is obtained between days 50-56, this is when the buds are at their most rewarding and tastiest.

DNA Genetics Seeds Holy Grail Kush

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Are you looking the ultimate and very best from DNA Genetics Seeds? Well here it is DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush, a future champion and possibly one of the best Marijuana Seeds currently available. Why is the Marijuana world so set alight by this latest release, and what has got the other seed producers quaking at its name? Simple DNA Genetics Seeds have taken two pedigree champions and combined their champion genetics.

  • DNA Genetics Kosher Kush, from the Reserva Privada collection, a three times, and currrent champion Indica, heavy yielding, heavy hitting, one of the highest quality Indica Marijuana Seeds currently available.
  • OG #18, an improved, if possible genetic hybrid from the original OG Kush linage. DNA Genetics Seeds OG#18 is a better yielding, more sour tasting hybrid, highly sought after whenever available, as stocks are often limited and sell fast.

Unfortunately DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush, is exactly that. Although the yields are far superior to almost all the standard Kush linage, and monster sized, resin dipped colas are formed on every branch, it would appear that buying DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush is almost as difficult as the original Holy Grail quest itself.

Expect to be disappointed when you try to order DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush, the seeds are as rare as Rocking Horse shit!!! Almost every release is completely taken up with back-orders and pre-booked wholesale accounts, that very few are left available. Sign up to our News email and we will contact you with fresh updates and reports. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter and receive all the latest reports of seed reviews and fresh stocks.

DNA Genetics Seeds LA Confidential

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Another three times cup winner from DNA Genetics Seeds. Notorious within the Medical Marijuana community as one of the best strains for pain relief and insomnia due to the knock-out punch that she delivers. Take on a session with this girl and expect to feel the effects, if DNA Genetics LA Confidential were a boxer you would be fighting both Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko at the same time. Be in no doubt DNA Genetics LA Confidential is psychedelic with a HAMMER.

Available as Single Seeds, 6, or 13 packs, DNA Genetics LA Confidential is mature in 55-60 days of flowering, making it a relatively fast strain to grow. Many Marijuana growers have found that maximizing the growth time is fundamental in producing the heavy yields necessary to supply demand within the American Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Super-cropping techniques are often employed to enhance the overall yield, many of these can be learn quickly in the best online guide to growing marijuana Ebook.

Predominately DNA Genetics LA Confidential is so highly sought after, not for the quantity it produces, although that is easily, if not slightly more than average, but for its outstanding smell, unique flavor and high.

Users all report a strong, narcotic high, with incredibly long lasting effects. Commanding some of the highest prices in the West Coast Dispensaries, DNA Genetics LA Confidential is highly sought after and rare strain, often out of stock. If you are looking for the very best in genuine original Marijuana Seeds, direct from your chosen breeder it is often worth waiting.

We only promote the very oldest and most well established Marijuana Seed supplier, The Original Sensible Seeds Company. Established over 12 years ago, they have an enviable reputation that has supplied happy customers for over a decade with the very best and latest high quality Marijuana Seeds from seed breeders all across the world.

When they are out of stock, others should be too!! Beware of fake seeds, they do exists. Cheaper seeds, not from your chosen breeder, just in copied, similar packaging. We only promote the Original Sensible Seed Company and can guarantee that the Marijuana Seeds you order, are the ones you will receive. If that means that often DNA Genetics Seeds are out of stock, then we KNOW you will not be supplied a cheaper substitute, as some of the other, less well established sites may do.

DNA Genetics Seeds Chocolope

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A well known Medical Marijuana strain available in many West Coast dispensaries. DNA Genetics Chocolope is a hybrid cross of the OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. A highly distinctive taste of mint, combined with a sweet, chocolate-like aftertaste it is considered by users to be smooth and subtle, rather than couch-locking, providing a creative high that can be focused and channeled.

DNA Genetics Chocolope is in constant demand within the dispensaries, and a favored smoke for stress relief and anxiety, leaving the user with an energetic, creative high, rather than the hard hitting Indica strains. A superb smoke for lightening the mood and enjoying company, DNA Genetics Seeds created one of the best social smokes with Chocolope.

Often confused as Chocolope, DNA Genetics also introduced their Chocolate Haze. This is surely another sure-fire winner, once again combining the genetics of the award winning Kosher Kush, but this time with the original Chocolope, producing a spectacular future champion. Whether you’re a Chocolate lover that likes a bit of Kush, or a Kush lover that likes a bit of Chocolate, you will love this latest DNA Genetics strain.

Ready to harvest in approximately nine weeks, it yields an impressive 500-600 grams per square meter of high quality Marijuana bud. With a 70% Sativa to Indica mix the strain is relatively easy to grow for beginners, while experienced and seasoned growers can expect extremely high quality and quantity of high grade, extremely sought after Medical Marijuana.

Obtaining the very best from any DNA Genetics Seeds requires an understanding of the basic principles associated with gardening. Here at VegPage we understand that for many people learning how to grow Marijuana to a reasonable quality requires information. Unfortunately much of the information on the internet is at best conflicting, and at worst down right wrong! That is way, after many emails, we have decided to promote what we believe is the very best short-cut to growing Marijuana Seeds correctly. Learn how to maximize your plants, this book will pay for itself with your very first crop.

To learn more about the many varieties of high quality Marijuana Seeds for sale from DNA Genetics Seeds simply click below to the DNA Genetics Seeds Page. From there you will have access to all the many Regular and Feminized Marijuana Seeds on offer. Alternatively, why not create your own unique garden by selecting our Single Seed option. You can choose from a selection of genuine DNA Genetics Seeds and purchase just a single or multiple seeds. This creates fantastic opportunities to build the very best selection of high quality Marijuana from one of the oldest and most established Seed Banks.

DNA Genetics Seeds

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