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One of Sensi Seed Bank most commercial and well known cannabis strains is the Big Bud Seed. Originally a four way hybrid, Sensi Seeds have a heavy yielding, cash crop with their Big Bud Feminized Seeds.

Sensi Seed Big Bud is not the easiest Cannabis strain to grow, it can be a little difficult to judge the correct nutrient levels, but when you get the levels correct, all versions of Big Bud Seed grow at a rapid speed and adds weight and bulk very fast. Big Bud Seed was originally cultivated for the indoor cannabis gardener, although, under the right circumstances, Big Bud Seed can be grown very successfully outdoors. With it’s basic genetics built upon four different Cannabis strains, the flowering times for each individual Big Bud Seed can vary from between 70 – 80 days, dependant upon the phenotype displayed.

Big Bud Seed from Sensi Seeds Bank

Originally Big Bud was only available as a clone, this original clone was a sturdy Afghan Indica that had been infused with the Skunk gene. These clones grew to become plants of amazing vigour with unexpected record breaking bud production. Through extensive research and development, Sensi Seeds were able to revert the Big Bud clone back to its original state by breeding it with a complexed Afghani Cannabis plant. The result was the creation of the original Big Bud Seed.

With subsequent breeding, the newly created Big Bud Seed was stabilized, and a uniform and super high yielding Cannabis strain was released to the public. Once planted, your Big Bud Seeds will germinate and grow vigorously, allowing the grower the options of either sending the seedlings to flower at a very early age, producing plants of around 30 cm in height with reduced lateral branching and heavily budded main stems. Or, allowing your Big Bud Seeds slightly more room, and a little longer vegative development time, producing large bush-like plants that may need support due to the weight of the buds on the lateral branches.

Sensi’s Big Bud Seed is a feminized stable hybrid, as vigorous and potent as ever, with a further refinement in aroma. It has a sweet, almost fruity flavour, although it is not the tastiest of Cannabis, it does have a crisp, spicy undertone running through it’s smell. Once fully mature, Sensi’s Big Bud Seed produces huge flowering bud clusters that are dense and coated. Resin production is profilic, providing a powerful high with a Sativa haze.

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If your looking to grow a large yielding plant, or a perfect Sea-Of-Green system you cannot better Sensi Seed Banks Big Bud Seed. Consistant, strong and providing a large cash crop harvest, Big Bud Seed can be grown easily indoors or outside if your local laws and weather permit. Although slightly more expensive than some of the other Big Bud Seed strains, Sensi Seed Bank has a long history of providing only the very best and highest quality Cannabis Seeds. Do not allow yourself to be fooled into buying cheaper imitations of this heavy-weight Cannabis strain, buy genuine Sensi Big Bud Seeds.

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Sensi Seeds Big Bud