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Soma Seeds Quality Assured Medical Marijuana Seeds.

Soma Seedsoffers some of the highest quality Medical Marijuana Seeds and strains available, with an envious collection of some of the best Marijuana strains currently available, choosing Soma Seeds to add to your Marijuana Seed collections is a decision few regret.

The story of Soma Seeds is notoriously well known, for those new to Soma Seeds, he participated in his first joint after work as an IBM mail clerk back in 1967, at 18 years old he realized he had discovered his calling, the understanding and development of high quality Marijuana Seeds, and so began what is now Soma Seeds.

Considered by many as an Eco-Warrior, Soma holds deep rooted beliefs in the natural order of nature, and this passion to procure the very best from a plants genetics has driven Soma to construct and write a book containing all the knowledge he has amassed to assist you in achieving the very best yields and quality from Soma Seeds.

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Assured Quality From Soma Seeds.

Awards, High Times Cannabis Cups and Expo Category Winners, Soma Seeds has achieved a string of Marijuana community awards over the years, giving credit to some of the finest Marijuana Seeds currently available. Two of the most popular and most awarded strains available from Soma Seeds are;

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Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze. Probably one of the most well known and most purchased of the Soma Seeds collection, Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze offers huge yielding buds with a citrus taste and the ultimate Haze high. Although needing a while to fully mature, approximately 12 – 13 weeks, the resulting yield more than makes up for the patient Marijuana Seed grower. Indoors the Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze rewards growers with returns of approximately 50 – 60 grams per plant, optimized at 600 grams per square meter.

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Soma Seeds Lavender is one of Soma Seeds top performing Marijuana Seeds, and like the Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze, is both an indoor and outdoor strain. Deep Indica straits, compared to the Sativa based Soma Seeds Amnesia Haze which exhibits Sativa pedigree, Soma Seeds Lavender is the choice strain of the Indica connoisseur and lover of Hashish. A strong pain killer with a sweet, almost grape like taste, Soma Seeds Lavender is often the superior Indica Marijuana choice.

Although both of these superior Marijuana strains from Soma Seeds excel under ideal indoor conditions, it is outdoors that both of these highly awarded Marijuana Seed strains display their full potential. Together with Shantibaba and Arjan, Soma is one of the most acclaimed sources on the production and growing of Medical Marijuana. With over 40 years experience of growing, producing and developing the very best Marijuana Seeds, Soma Seeds has become one of the most popular purchases of high quality Marijuana Seeds on the internet.

You can view a complete collection of the very best Medical Marijuana Seeds from Soma Seeds.

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