Best Cannabis Seeds 2019

Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds 2019

Best Cannabis Seeds For Sale 2019

With a wide choice of strains to choose from, we offer the best cannabis seeds for 2019. Enjoy the latest, most popular varieties, sold with guaranteed, free delivery to all parts of the USA. Whether you’re planning to grow cannabis and marijuana indoors, or outside during the coming season, we have the best feminized cannabis seeds available, suitable for all growing styles and levels of experience.

With many states within the USA amending their laws on the growing and possession of both medical and recreational cannabis and marijuana, more and more people are beginning to grow their own buds. From California to Washington, Rhode Island to Colorado, state laws are being amended to allow residents the opportunity of using cannabis, and in many states, growing marijuana for personal use.

Whether you’re an experienced grower, or new to gardening, growing cannabis in the USA isn’t difficult, and a variety of different techniques can be used, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important aspect is to invest in the best quality cannabis and marijuana seeds possible, ensuring that each seed you purchase will produce a strong, vibrant female plant, capable of generating the best, highest quality buds and cola’s.

Choosing the best cannabis seeds 2019 depends a lot on your growing technique and personal preferences. While all marijuana and cannabis seeds can be grown outdoors, from Spring through to Fall, many strains, especially most of the new, popular varieties, are better suited to indoor growing techniques, generating their best and biggest harvests when flowered under a 12 hours on, 12 hours off lighting regime.

Best Indoor Cannabis Seeds 2019

Modern indoor cannabis seeds are hybrid strains, created to incorporate the very best attributes and characteristics from their parents. Grown indoors, many of these strains are capable of generating approximately 500 grams of the highest quality cannabis buds per square meter. This does however, depend upon experience, environment and the correct nutrients and feeding patterns.

Female-only seeds are a key factor is choosing the best indoor cannabis seeds 2019 for your grow-room, and buying feminized seeds eliminates the need to sex the plants and remove unwanted males. All of the best feminized cannabis seeds contain no male chromosomes, ensuring that each seed germinated can only become a female plant.

Unlike many plants, cannabis seeds are either male or female from creation. While the female cannabis plant produces the highly prized buds and cola’s that smokers enjoy, male plants only produce pollen, containing only low amounts of THC. The male pollen fertilizes the female flowers, creating seeds and reducing the quality of the buds.

As the best feminized cannabis seeds only produce female plants, sexing and removing male plants becomes unnecessary, ensuring that every seed germinated produces a worthwhile harvest, reducing unnecessary time, space and resources growing unwanted male cannabis plants.

There are several other factors to be considered when selecting the best cannabis seeds 2019 for your grow-room, with experience being one of the most important. If you are new to growing cannabis indoors, it’s best to begin with marijuana and cannabis seeds that are considered easy to grow. These strains are usually faster to flower, less temperamental and more forgiving of basic mistakes than other, more complicated strains, allowing for small errors, such as PH imbalances, nutrient overdoses or deficiencies, and often have a natural immunity to many common diseases including; ‘bud-rot’, root molds and bacterial attacks.

Both beginner strains and those requiring a greater level of knowledge and experience can offer a wide variety of tastes and aroma’s. While some smokers prefer a particular flavor, perhaps a fruity Blueberry or Orange Bud. Others may choose one of the more ‘chemical’ tasting strains, such as Sour Diesel, Chemdawg and Cheese. Everyone likes different flavors, and on this point,finding the best cannabis seeds in 2019 will depend upon your own personal preference.

Yield and speed should also be considered when selecting the best cannabis seeds for 2019, and deciding which is most important to you, can make a big difference in your final harvest and expectations. While most modern strains are capable of producing approximately 500 grams per square meter, these figures require super-cropping techniques, as well as a fully optimized growing area. Speed of harvest should be considered for smaller, indoor operations, as plants with fast-flowering times are often capable of producing an extra crop from your grow-room per year.

We offer a wide selection of the very best feminized cannabis seeds for 2019, with every seed fully guaranteed to germinate, producing the highest quality plants, buds and harvest. Completely stable, each seed is totally feminized, containing no male chromosomes. Choose from ‘Old-School Classics’ or some of the new, super-potent new strains we have available in our collection of the best indoor cannabis seeds for 2019.

Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds 2019

Growing cannabis and marijuana outdoors is very common in parts parts of the USA, and choosing the best outdoor cannabis seeds 2019 to grow outdoors depends upon how long you wish to wait for your harvest, and the size of the yield per plant you wish to generate. In California, where growing a maximum of 6 cannabis and marijuana plants per person is permitted, many people do not wish to wait for the entire season to enjoy their crop, or spend months looking after outdoor cannabis plants to ensure a yield.

Growing cannabis and marijuana outdoors is the cheapest way to generate your own buds, but does depend upon the right climate to achieve the plant’s maximum potential. Southern states benefit from warmer weather and longer seasons, often producing extremely large outdoor grown cannabis plants, yielding kilo’s of buds per plant.

Sativa dominant strains are some of the best cannabis seeds to grow outdoors in 2019, benefiting from the gentle daily reduction in daily sunlight to slowly produce an abundance of large buds and cola’s.

Living further North limits your selections when deciding upon the best cannabis seeds to grow in 2019, with a shorter season and colder weather needing to be considered. Cold, damp night-time temperatures can induce mold and ‘bud-rot’, ruining an entire crop in days.

While some strains are more hardy than others, containing a natural immunity, harsh conditions will still reduce the overall quality of your harvest, buying cannabis seeds with a short flowering time, can often avoid or reduce this problem.

Indica dominant strains are the best cannabis seeds to grow in 2019 the further North you live, with a shorter flowering time and more hardy nature. Originating in the colder, mountainous conditions of the Hindu Kush, these strains remain shorter and more bushy, producing multiple budding sites all over the plant, rather than a large, major cola. Faster to mature, and immune to many common problems, they are some of the best cannabis seeds to grow in 2019 for those people living in more northern states.

Best Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds 2019

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great choice for those outdoor growers preferring speed of harvest over individual plant yields.Although they will never produce the extremely large harvests achieved from traditional feminized cannabis, they will grow and flower simultaneously, requiring no set hours of darkness to produce their buds, and achieve complete maturity, approximately 10 weeks from sprouting.

With ease of growing, and no need for 12 hours of continuous, daily darkness, autoflowering seeds are some of the best cannabis seeds to plant in the Spring of 2019, generating a fast harvest within three months of planting.

Yields are smaller, as the plant doesn’t spend the first few months of it’s life in a vegetative state. However, with staggered planting, continuous harvests can be achieved from as soon as May, through to October and even November in southern states.

We offer a selection of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds 2019, all completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate, producing a strong, female plant with fully, self-flowering characteristics. Offering a selection of tastes and aroma’s, choose seeds and strains that best suit your tastes, as all our best autoflowering seeds are very easy to grow, requiring little knowledge or previous experience to produce a fast, high quality crop.

Autoflowering seeds can also be grown indoors, within a purpose built growing area. With no change in the light hours needed for flowering, both seedlings and larger flowering plants can be kept in the same room, under an identical light pattern. Often growers keep their lights on for 18 hours per day to induce the largest plants and biggest harvests.

Buying The Best Cannabis Seeds In 2019

With so many strains to choose from, we are proud to offer our selection of premium quality cannabis and marijuana seeds. Select the seeds and strains that interest you to learn more. All of our seeds are of the highest quality and fully guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest female cannabis and marijuana plants.

Shipped directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading and most trusted seed banks, all purchases are fully guaranteed to arrive, or replacements will be dispatched completely free of charge. Enjoy free stealth packaging and shipping to all parts of the USA, as well as the very best customer services and a range of secure payment options available.

Buying cannabis seeds in 2019 online isn’t illegal, whether your state allows you to possess and grow cannabis or not. Seeds only violate state and federal laws once germinated, and their possession isn’t deemed illegal.With all purchases fully guaranteed to arrive, buy the best cannabis seeds in 2019 when you purchase online through us.

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