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Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds The rise in demand to buy feminized auto flowering seeds during the first few months of year can often be attributed to growers looking to produce an early outdoor harvest.

Easy to grow, feminized auto flowering seeds require little skill or previous knowledge, and are often referred to as ‘Throw and Grow’ seeds due to their speed and natural ability to grow and flower under almost any conditions.

Demand for high quality feminized auto flowering seeds has grown substantially over the last decade, as more and more people discover just how easy it can be to grow your own marijuana outdoors using feminized auto flowering seeds.

With very little effort, a high quality crop can be harvested within 70 days from the seeds sprouting, making them an ideal choice to cultivate outdoors from early Spring, through to the Fall.

Are Feminized Auto Flowering Seeds Standard

White Widow Autoflower Seeds Until the early 1980’s cannabis and marijuana seeds were sold in packets often referred to as Regular marijuana seeds. As marijuana seeds are deciduous, either male or female, there was no guarantee how many males or female seeds were contained in each packet.

The genetic work carried out originally by a handful of cannabis horticulturalists during this time found a way to remove the unwanted male chromosomes from each seed, guaranteeing they generated female-only plants, these were called feminized seeds, and have become the most popular and accepted way to buy and grow cannabis and marijuana seeds.

During the 1990’s cross-breeding with a wild form of self-flowering marijuana known as Ruderalis, began to produce strains that had the ability to grow and flower regardless of the number of light hours they received.

These were called auto flowering seeds, and although they produced both small yields and male/ female plants, the beginnings of a new type of marijuana plant began to emerge.

With little demand for any form of male cannabis plant, feminized auto flowering seeds were quickly developed, guaranteeing pure, female-only plants. Cross-breeding with strong, stable strains has produced reliable and repeatable results, with a selection of different feminized auto flowering seeds for sale, all guaranteed to produce female plants.

Are All Feminized Auto Flowering Seeds The Same?

Autoflower Mix Pack We offer a selection of feminized auto flowering seeds, each with its own unique characteristics. While all feminized auto flowering seeds are guaranteed to germinate, creating a self-flowering, pure female marijuana plant, their flavor, aroma and effects can differ greatly.

Only a small part of their genetics is supplied from its Ruderalis parentage, with the majority coming from the feminized parent.

This has allowed for the creation of many popular and stable strains to be created as feminized auto flowering seeds, with similar tastes, aromas and effects as their traditional feminized counter-parts.

With a variety of strains available, choose from the fast-flowering Auto Super Skunk or Auto Cheese varieties, or perhaps a fruity Blueberry or Bubblegum are more to your liking.

Each strain offers different flavors and effects, and with feminized auto flowering seeds maturing in under 70 days from sprouting, you won’t have to wait long to sample the fruits of your growing efforts.

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Autoflower 2.0 Mixpack Marijuana Seeds You can buy feminized auto flowering seeds through us and enjoy free, guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA.

Using the very best ‘stealth’ shipping methods, all purchases are dispatched directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the leading producers of high quality marijuana seeds, and are guaranteed to arrive, or replacements will be shipped totally free of charge.

Available in a variety of pack sizes, and as variety mixed packets and complete grow kits, we offer a wide selection of the best feminized auto flowering seeds available.

All sold with guaranteed germination and their ability to create a high quality, female-only automatic flowering marijuana plant.

An ideal choice for all types of outdoor grower, feminized auto flowering seeds are the fastest and easiest way to grow your own marijuana, click through your favorite strains and learn more.

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