Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

Buy Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

Best Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

Grow your own buds with our best outdoor marijuana seeds for beginners.

With changing attitudes towards the use and cultivation of marijuana, State laws across many parts of the USA are being amended to allow residents to grow a limited number of marijuana plants for their own personal use. This has led to a rise in the demand for high quality seeds, with many people starting to grow their own plants and buds for both medicinal and recreational purposes. If you’re new to growing marijuana the choice of seeds can seem overwhelming. However, with many of the strains more suited to indoor growing techniques, and others for more experienced growers, due to their harder-to-grow nature, buying outdoor marijuana seeds for beginners can be quite easy.

Many new growers suffer the same illness, impatience, especially those growing outdoors. The main reason for this is marijuana seeds only begin to flower when the daylight hours reduce to around twelve hours per day and lower. This means that all of the traditional marijuana seeds available for sale will start to flower towards the end of the the Summer months, with complete ripeness and maturity around the end of September, beginning of October. For many beginners, planting in the Spring and waiting until the early Fall to harvest your crop can seem almost like an eternity.

We believe these traditional strains are not the best outdoor seeds for beginners, with such a long period of time between planting and harvesting, many beginner growers lose interest and enthusiasm, and that’s why we recommend Autoflowering seeds as the best outdoor marijuana seeds for beginners, because, on average, these plants are mature and ready to harvest in under 70 days from sprouting. Unlike conventional marijuana seeds, autoflowering marijuana seeds flower with age, rather than the number of hours of darkness they receive. Once germinated, their biological clock begins to count down, with flowering occurring automatically, and unlike traditional seeds, these seeds continue to grow while flowering simultaneously.

Autoflowering seeds are very quick to mature, and without doubt the easiest outdoor marijuana seeds for beginners to grow. Often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow’ seeds they require very little care or attention, needing just water and nutrients to grow, flower and mature, producing a high quality harvest in super-fast time.

All of our recommended autoflowering outdoor marijuana seeds are completely feminized, with every seed guaranteed to germinate and produce a stable, vibrant plant, capable of producing the best quality buds. With a wide selection of autoflowering strains available, there is a flavor, aroma and ‘high’ for all tastes and requirements, including strains for medicinal purposes.

5 Best Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Auto

One of the most established feminized strains of marijuana, cultivated and enjoyed by recreational and medical users alike. Produce large yields of some of the most potent, crystallized buds possible with White Widow Autoflowering. One of the best marijuana seeds for beginners due to its forgiving nature, speed of maturity and sweet, fruity flavor.

Fully mature in 60 days to a height of 80 cm – 120 cm.

Yields are approximately 120 grams per square meter.

THC levels of 18% – CBD Low.

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Buy OG Kush Autoflower Seeds

OG Kush Auto

With all the flavor, aroma and potency associated with the OG Kush strain, these feminized autoflowering seeds offer faster growth and quicker flowering times than conventional seeds. Enjoy staggered harvests by planning in advance, germinating several seeds over early Spring and throughout the Summer months to generate harvests within two months.

Fully mature in 56 days to a height of 60 cm – 100 cm..

Yields are approximately 150 grams per square meter.

THC levels of 19% – CBD Low

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Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Super Skunk Auto

Potent and aromatic, these easy to grow autoflowering seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce a healthy crop. With one of the shortest flowering times, these are the best marijuana seeds for beginners and the more experienced grower alike, producing good yields of high quality buds, with a unique citrus flavor and pungent, sweet aroma.

Fully mature in 48 days to a height of 40 cm – 70 cm..

Yields are approximately 140 grams per square meter.

THC levels of 14% – CBD Low

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Buy Cheese Autoflower Seeds

Cheese Auto

Cheese is a unique Skunk pheno-type that became very popular across Europe and the UK due to its extremely, cheesy aroma and elevated CBD levels. One of the best marijuana seeds for beginners, with fast, auto-flowering genetics and all the characteristics of its original parent strain. A perfect choice for medical marijuana growers and users.

Fully mature in 56 days to a height of around 80 cm.

Yields are approximately 155 grams per square meter.

THC levels of 14% – CBD Very High

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Buy Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds

Amnesia Haze Auto

Its never been easier to grow one of the most well-known marijuana strains, than it is with these Amnesia Haze autoflowering seeds. Potent and with one of the heaviest yields, these seeds are cultivated commercially around the world for their easy growing traits, potency and unmistakable  characteristics. Enjoy growing your own top-class weed today.

Fully mature in 58 days to a height of 65 cm – 85 cm.

Yields are approximately 210 grams per square meter.

THC levels of 18% – CBD Medium

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