Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering

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Outdoor Marijuana Seeds.

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As with all plants, Marijuana Seeds can thrive when grown outdoors, given long hours of natural sunlight, fresh circulating air from a warm breeze and the necessary nutrients, many of the Marijuana Seeds currently available produce larger plants with an abundance of buds. Correctly grown, many of the Outdoor Marijuana Seeds available can produce up to a Kilo of dried Marijuana bud.

Typically, the major factor in growing outdoor Marijuana Seeds is sunlight. Your plants and seedlings can be watered, feed and nurtured. The air outside contains adequate CO2 levels and airflow to ensure an abundance of the components necessary for photosynthesis. However, without adequate hours of quality sunlight, it will be difficult to ensure that your outdoor Marijuana Seeds become fully grown, mature Marijuana plants.

If you live in a country which enjoys long hours of sunlight during the Summer months, planting a variety of outdoor Marijuana Seeds can provide a fast an efficient means of producing your own high quality Marijuana quickly.

Which Outdoor Marijuana Seeds ?

Regular Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Regular Seeds Regular Marijuana Seeds were the original format that all Marijuana Seeds were produced and sold under. If you buy regular Marijuana Seeds, the probability is that the half the seeds will turn out to be male Marijuana plants, and half female plants. Although there is no guarantee, and it is possible that all the seeds turn out to be male or female.

The main advantage with regular Marijuana seeds is they allow the grower the opportunity to breed their own seeds, and although the seeds produced will be a wide and diverse selection, unlike the original F1 Marijuana seeds initially purchased, it can be a very cheap method to use when planting large areas.

Another reason for purchasing regular outdoor Marijuana seeds is that some of the Land-Race Marijuana Seeds are only available in their original format. Unlike the Nederweeds which began back in the early 1980’s and have grown to be the accepted norm for Marijuana seeds now, many of the Land-Race Marijuana seeds did not take well to being feminized, producing unstable seeds and non-uniform plants. There, growing these particular strains means that you must purchase these outdoor Marijuana seeds in their original format.

Feminized Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Seeds Feminized Marijuana seeds have grown in popularity over the last 25 years to the point where they now outsell their regular type counter-parts. Having the assurance that each of the Marijuana seeds that you plant will grown into a female plant means no time is wasted on unwanted males.

For the outdoor grower, feminized Marijuana seeds are the obvious choice when only a limited number of plants can be grown. If you choose to grow a limited number of outdoor Marijuana seeds, tending to them through the Spring and into the Summer months, only to discover upon the onset of flowering that they are male, you may feel disappointed, and your total harvest has already been diminished and reduced along with the number of plants you have left.

Where available, feminized outdoor Marijuana seeds are often the preferred choice, ensuring a fair higher return of female plants when compared to the regular seed varieties.

Autoflowering Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

Autoflower Seeds One of the main problems when growing any variety of outdoor Marijuana seeds is controlling the hours of darkness necessary for flowering. Obtaining a perfect 12/12 light to darkness ratio outdoors, without light interruption is extremely difficult, and although Marijuana plants grown outdoors often produce large quantities of Marijuana, the overall quality is often lower than the more controlled, indoor grown varieties.

Autoflowering seeds solve this problem by flowering regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive, the best ratio being 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. Fast to grow, with some strains maturing within 50 days from seed germination, Autoflowering strains can be a great choice of outdoor Marijuana seeds.

Given the right conditions, autoflowering seeds can produce good quality Marijuana regardless of the hours of darkness, making them far easier to control and mature outdoors in comparison to both the regular and feminized varieties.

Constant Harvests With Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon

Sound to good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. By selecting a variety of Autoflowering and Feminized outdoor Marijuana seeds you could be harvesting your own, high quality Marijuana from early Summer through to late Fall or Autumn. Careful planning and selection of the right outdoor Marijuana seeds can allow you to begin harvesting within 8 weeks of germination, and continue through Summer until the later months, allowing you the longer growing and flowering times required by some of the pure Sativa strains.

Choosing outdoor Marijuana Seeds to produce a lengthy harvest need not be expensive either, selected individual Pick ‘n’ Mix single Marijuana seeds now affords growers unlimited choice, even offering the ability to combine single purchases of Feminized and Autoflowering seeds together and qualify for free offers and seed giveaways.

Autoflowering Outdoor Marijuana Seeds from Barneys FarmMany Marijuana growers are keen to harvest their crop as soon as possible, some for personal use, others for commercial sale, this can be easily satisfied by selecting a few choice Autoflowering outdoor Marijuana seeds. Take for example the fast flowering, heavy yielding White Widow hybrid from Buddha Seeds, White Dwarf. Completely mature and ready for harvest just two months from germination, providing a high quality bud and good yields within a short time. Or the heavy yielding outdoor Marijuana seeds from Pyramid Seeds such as the awesome Tutankhamon completed in approximately 10 weeks with jaw-dropping buds and high quantity yields.

The advantage with planting Autoflowering Seeds as part of your outdoor Marijuana seed garden is not only the speed which they will provide you a harvest, but also, as they do not require the absolute darkness necessary to gain the best return, they are perfect for early and mid-summer harvests when standard Marijuana plants would not flower. In reality, you could continue to grow Autoflowering seeds all Summer long, however, as the hours of daylight diminish, so will the growth and return on your Autoflowering plants, and it is now that we should be looking towards the second part of our planting, Indica Marijuana Seeds.

Outdoor marijuana seeds indica

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Indica

Planting Indica outdoor Marijuana seeds as part of your garden will allow you to enjoy some of the most popular and awarded strains from the very best breeders around the world. Typically, most Indica strains take between 7 – 9 weeks in flower to fully mature, together with a vegative growth cycle that is dependant upon the activation of flowering. When grown indoors, this is commenced at any time by reducing the light hours, with many growers eager to begin the harvest countdown.

Outdoors the plant will flower naturally as the daylight hours decrease, usually becoming fully mature in around 8 hours, September towards early October. Indica’s provide that heavy hitting, body buzz stone and can prove to be a good painkiller, as well as helping insomnia and eating disorders, as many strains induce “The Munchies” a feeling of wanting to eat sugar rich food. Outdoor Marijuana seeds that are most popular in this category include the many strains of OG Kush popular throughout the USA, as well as Skunk varieties such as Cheese, Blueberry and White Widow.

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Sativa

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Sativa

The third and final selection of our outdoor Marijuana seeds should contain the Sativa varieties, these include most of the Haze varieties, Land-Race strains and popular seeds such as Sour Diesel. Many indoor growers will not grow these varieties as they take far longer to fully mature, often between 10 – 14 weeks, with some strains taking up to 16 weeks to fully develop and mature, such as the pure Hawaiian strains. This greater flowering time, in addition to an increased  risk of rot without adequate ventilation and air circulation ensures that the demand, and also the price, for well grown Sativa Marijuana buds is also high.

Sativa Marijuana produces a far more complex and cerebral high than the body buzz stone of the Indica varieties, often considered to be enlightening and inspiring. Sativa outdoor Marijuana Seeds can produce plants capable of becoming almost tree-like by the eand of Summer, beginning of the Fall. Reports of Kilos of pure dried Marijuana from a single plant are common with many of the pure Sativa’s, easily compensating for the extended flowering time, producing enough high quality Marijuana to last you though those winter months.

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Conclusion.

As you can now see, if you are lucky enough to live where there is an abundance of free, good quality daily sunshine through the Summer months, it is possible to grow a selection of outdoor Marijuana seeds that will provide you a harvest from the later part of Spring, through until it finally runs out, and dependant upon how much you smoke, and whether you chose to sell or give some away, correctly choosing the right selection of outdoor Marijuana seeds will provide you with a variety of tastes and the complete spectrum of highs obtainable through the use of medical Marijuana.

Growing outdoor Marijuana seeds supplies you the natural sunlight free, as well as an abundance of fresh, circulating air providing the best environment for your plants. Selecting a few choice seeds can make all the difference to the overall yield and performance of your garden.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale Combining the merits of Autoflowering seeds, together with feminized strains of Indica and Sativa outdoor Marijuana seeds will provide you with good yields from both fast and slower maturing varieties. Until recently, outdoor Marijuana seeds could only be purchased in packets of 10 seeds.

However, as these seeds have grown in popularity, so has the choice of availability. It is now possible to buy outdoor Marijuana seeds in packets of 3, 5 or 10 seeds, and for many of the seeds on offer, even as single Marijuana seeds.

If you would like to learn more about creating your own custom order of individual outdoor Marijuana seeds, or purchase complete packets, sent to you discreetly with USA, and European shipping simply click the picture and be taken to a world of outdoor Marijuana seeds.